Getting ready for Finals and Christmas

These last two weeks are going to be no easy walk through the park. I have two papers due and two finals to study for! All of which are due on the same day, which means I need to get a good head start this weekend. I’m staying here this weekend while the team has the longest road-trip of the year, Grinnell and Monmouth. I’m disappointed I won’t be able to join but I get four more years because I redshirted this year due another knee injury. I’ll watch the game on the internet, but it still won’t be the same.
Staying back will relieve a lot of stress and allow me to focus on school. Although I should have started preparing for finals earlier this week, it was a priority for my roommate and I to get some Christmas lights up in our room. At first we thought one strand would be good enough. However we got way too caught up and ended up spending way too much of our time buying lights and clips for them to go on. So after five days of being back at school I still have yet to start preparing. It’s going to be a very long two weeks.

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