I’m Back!!!

Wow! Long time no blog, but no worries I’m back. I had a great first semester and Christmas break. I was luck to go down to Mexico and visit my family that I had not seen in about 3 years. It was the best Christmas break ever got to relax with my family and meet so many new friends. Half my family and I went to Puerto Vallarta for Christmas. Also my cousin Kari and I have birthdays a day a part so we decided to throw a party to spend sometime with our friends then the day of my birthday our family throw a party at my grandmother’s for us. It was great to celebrate my birthday with family and friends.

First semester I think was my semester to try new things and explore how it would work. As this second semester starts I feel way more confident with all my new classes and I’m ready to keep working on what I want in the future. Also I believe I had talked about being undecided on my major and just for my readers I will let you guys know I am thinking of majoring in Sociology with a minor in Spanish. I’m working with Career Services to make my decision and they have being of great help.

I will stay in touch with all you guys and blog more often! See you next time.


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