Month One Almost Done!

Almost a month at St. Norbert and I remind myself every day that I couldn’t have chosen a better college! There’s always something going on in my life.  From classes, STAR, and Connections training I’m always busy doing something.

When it came time for the roommate situation everyone always worries that they wont get along with whom they get placed with, but for me it was different. During orientation I meet my roommate Abigail Dalla Santa, we had talked before on Facebook but that was about it. We decided to room together because we had already knew each other and didn’t want to get someone we didn’t like. We are both in STAR, which was good because we both moved in the same day a week early. After the first week everyone else was complaining about how they didn’t like their roommate. That made Abby and I realize we had made the right choice.

On Wednesday, Abby and I got the opportunity to help Eric Wagner with a photo shoot to get pictures for the school website and pamphlets. We were really excited to help out, especially because we get along so well at anything that we do. No matter what, having each other at every event, we knew we would have a great time. We got to go to Green Bay’s Farmers Market, the river walk and finally Lambeau Field.

At the end of the week I will be going to Milwaukee to visit my family. I’m participating in the Mexican Independence parade on Sunday, and I’m very excited to see my sister after a month. My parents came up to visit me during Labor Day weekend, which was great. I have always been so close to them and just not being able to see them everyday for me is sad. Yes I’m a bit homesick! When they came to visit they got to meet all my new friends and we got to go to Appleton with Abby and Sabre Padilla another friend of mine from the STAR group that I have gotten close to.  Gotta love the new friends and all the fun experiences college has to offer!

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