New Beginning. College!

Coming from a high school where my graduating class was only 42 students to a college where the freshmen class is 600 students is a big deal. Leaving home, my parents, and friends to move somewhere I did not know anyone were all the thoughts I had before move in day, and I have to confess I was a bit scared for that day to come. But as time traced its way down, the day was here, COLLEGE.

Now that it has been two weeks since I arrived at St. Norbert, I can say those thoughts and fears have vanished, all thanks to STAR (Students Taking Academic Responsibility), a group for first year multicultural students that is meant to help students transition into college by coming a week earlier than the rest of the freshmen class. Being able to take part of this group helped me from being able meet new people, to being able to move around campus without getting lost – a fear many freshmen have. The people in STAR are the best, enough said! In two weeks I’m able to say I have made great friends and people that I can count on for anything… its like I moved away from my family but made a new family. I had the BEST first week in college with all my STAR people from doing all those ice breakers with Maria Sostre and Akeem Edmonds when all we wanted to do was sleep, to going to Bay Beach, to late night “bowling”, and getting flowers on our visit to the farmers’ market.

In addition, the week of welcome, convocation, and the dedication of the class of 2016 were great experiences as well. As I touched the bell for good luck and went off for a campus picnic, I got to see RPM play at the gazebo, and for a grand finale I watched an exciting firework show over the Fox River. On the other hand, I officially started classes and began those sleepless nights because of the reading I have to do for a particular class, cough, sociology, but I could not have asked for a better place to have all these great experiences (with more to come) than St. Norbert College.


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