And We’re Back!

Well friends, we just wrapped up our first week back at school! We have so much to catch up on!

First off, my summer was great! I worked, I played hockey, I worked out, I relaxed, I hung out with friends and family… the list goes on and on. I really enjoyed my time in the desert. And for those of you who have been keeping up on my relationship status I do have a new boyfriend. Very exciting, his name is Michael and I have known him since I was about 8 years old. I figure I should introduce him because I will be talking about his visits to the great north a lot this year!

Second, my dad and I made it through another 30 hour trip here to St Norbert and of course it was quite eventful. From having to stop to re-tie our tarp a thousand times, to getting lost on the main roads and even leaving Jack Lawrence (pictured) at the hotel after having driven about 30 miles and then turning around to get him! But thankfully all three of us made it safely and without too much emotional damage.

Third, school has been crazy! The first week is always so overwhelming because you go over every syllabus and see how much work is ahead of you. But once you get into the swing of things everything turns out fine. That would be my biggest piece of advice to incoming freshman… just try to relax. Even us big, bad seniors struggle sometimes. Just know that it is normal and it WILL pass!

Fourth, we are back to our work outs with the team! Needless to say I have been walking around like an old grandma all week because I have been so sore! But of course it’s the price you pay for success and we plan to have a lot of that this year! First home game for us is November 8th, but I will keep you updated on all the other events we have before then.

Try to keep up y’all!

Books: Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult (who else??)

Songs: I’m headed your way, Jose by Chris Young

Enjoy J


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Two Weeks Left!

Well, it has been another laid back week. I took an exam last Monday that I got a 90% on! I am very happy about that because it was definitely a tough one. But I prepared hard for it so I am very happy with the result. I just finished a ten page paper that is not due for a week! It is such a good feeling because now I can start to focus on my finals rather than doing that and my paper at the same time. Other than that it should be a fairly easy week homework-wise. I have a lab project to get done, but then it will be smooth sailing for the last week of classes.

The team is doing well too. We are just continuing our post season workouts. We also just finished up our end-of-the-season individual meetings with coach. We use this time to reflect back on the season and talk about things that we can do better for next year! A few of us helped out at the track meet this weekend as well. I was with the shot put throwers. I was the kid that had to fetch the 16 pound ball, pick it up, and carry it all the way back to the athletes. Needless to say, I had so much fun ; ) hahaha In reality though, it does feel good to help out other teams when they need it. I was happy that I could contribute. Our last event as a team is our banquet this Friday. This is always a fun time to reflect back on our season and celebrate!

My dad booked his flight to come out to help drive me home! He is flying into Milwaukee so I will be picking him up on the way back and then our journey really begins. I can’t wait to see him! Even though the drive is quite long it is always enjoyable to be with my daddy : ) I love him very much! Then as soon as I get home I’ll see my momma! I have missed her a lot too! We have so many plans for the summer : ) I cannot wait! I am also looking forward to see my brother graduate from Arizona State too! FINALLY : ) such fun things happening in my near future!

In other news, Phoenix Coyotes player, Keith Yandle (Boston native) honored angel, Martin Richard by wearing his name and age on the back of his jersey for warm-ups during last night’s game vs. the Blackhawks. I included the picture, thought y’all would like that!

Welp, lastly I finished Firefly Lane this week! Very VERY good! There is a sequel, too. So I will get that this week and report back at a later date!

Enjoy your week, y’all!

PS.. I attached the picture from the Norby awards from last week!

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Norby Awards

Last night was the first annual Norby Awards where the student-athletes of St. Norbert College get recognized for outstanding performances and achievements! The women’s hockey team was nominated for best female team performance with our conference win and for overall best female team. Needless to say we won both! : ) VERY EXCITING! Our team is very honored to win the respect of our peers and the endless support is unbelievable. After the ceremonies some of us went to the Abbey for some dollar burgers and beverages to celebrate!

I have taken a few exams within the last few days and I feel very confident about both of them! My grades are really looking good and I just registered for my classes for next semester! I am taking Theology of Spirituality, Memory and Cognition, Cross-culture Psych and International Inequalities! It is going to be another great semester.

With things winding down, the team is looking forward to our end of the year banquet where certain performances get recognized by the team and coaching staff. Also, the players have to prepare gifts for the coaching staff. It is a very busy time of the year. We have less than 3 weeks left of school, then finals, then home to the desert for summer time! : ) it is starting to warm up here a bit, bit just like y’all know about Wisconsin weather is not to get your hopes up, because it is ever-changing!

Not much to report on this week, so I’ll try to do something fun during the week that I can share with y’all next time.

Lastly, I’d just like to mention how horrible the bombings in Boston were. Sometimes this world is a tough place to live in… So much hate. But I heard that when you see tragedy on the news, the best thing to do is look for the helpers. That’s where you can find the good in the world again. Keep sending your prayers to Boston!

Have a great week, y’all!

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Advisement Day!

This is a term that all SNC students look forward too. We get two days off of classes for advisement meetings! This week it is on Wednesday and next week is Tuesday. These are nice little short breaks and it’s nice to meet with your advisor to make sure everything is on schedule. I have finished most of my requirements for my major so I anticipate a laid back academic load, however I have been applying for some internships for next school year! I would be working with children with autism. I look forward to actually be working in the field more than sitting in a classroom all day. I will let you know the results on that when I get them : ) I also applied for a summer internship with children with cerebral palsy. So anxious to get that call!

Other than that classes are going well, not too busy. I have an exam on Friday and then just a few projects and papers to turn in before I get to go home. As soon as I get home I’ll watch my brother graduate from Arizona State and my buddies put together a team for an adult hockey league back at home! I am getting excited to be back in the desert!

The team is doing well, too. We are continuing are workouts and just finished our physical testing. All was in order. For now it is pretty laid back, just trying to have as much fun as we can before we go home for summer.


Movie: you absolutely HAVE to get Lawless (redbox)two words, Forrest. Bondurant. Enjoy.

Songs: Pirate flag- Kenney Chesney and Mine would be you-Blake Shelton

Book: just ordered Kristen Hannah’s Firefly Lane. I’ll let you know what I think in a few weeks!

That’s all for now!

Have a good week y’all.

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The End Is Near!

Well, we just wrapped up out 4 day break from school in celebration of Easter! It was such a relaxing weekend. We had a fire in a backyard and had people over everyday enjoying the warmer (not warm, but warmer) weather. We even made Easter dinner with a few girls from the team! It was delicious and I was the turkey carver. My Morfar would be so proud : ) I was able to get a little homework done early and still had time to enjoy my book and FOUR movies! Haha I was busy. We started classes up again today, so it’s only a four day week which will be nice! I already feel like it’s the weekend again. I have an exam at the end of the week that I will be preparing for the next couple of days. Our team also has our physical testing this week. We do these to set a baseline so that when we go home for the summer we have certain goals to work towards for when we come back in the fall, my senior year  🙁 It goes by too fast.

My family has been missing me a lot I can tell! They are already anticipating my homecoming. My mom already has all these plans of redoing my room and shopping and sappy love movies and much more. My dad is excited to get me back on the ice with him, I think he’s been having withdrawals ; ) We have already started talking about the long journey home to the west coast. I will have to take my finals early so that we can make it back for my brother’s graduation ceremony at Arizona State University. It’s been a long time coming for him and I am so proud he can finally have a break for a year before he goes back for his masters in counseling. Such an exciting time for him! I miss them all very much, but for now I am trying to have as much fun as I can here (without getting into too much trouble either) before I go back home and start working 🙁 blahh.

But anyway, I have some recommendations..

Books: Night road by Kristen Hannah (one of my most favorite books yet, make sure when you sit down to start it you aren’t busy because I read about 150 pages in one sitting. It took me like 4 sittings total to finish it) IT’LL BLOW YOUR MIND!

Movies: Zero Dark Thirty (very long, but very interesting) and Rise of the Guardians!! Oh my goodness cutest movie ever : ) enjoy!

That’s all for now. Have a great week y’all!

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Let the Training Begin!

My team had our first session of post-season training yesterday and let me tell ya, I am sore already! But it feels good to get back in the gym and start preparing for next year. Everyone seems energized again and ready to go.

But with only off-ice workouts 3 times a week there is a lot of room for some spring fun! This past week I was invited to help out with the USA Hockey Central District Player Development Camp. I used to do this camp when I was in high school, but in the Rocky Mountain District. Anyway, it’s a camp for players to go tryout for in order to get selected to go to the National camp! Very exciting! This is how most female players get noticed for colleges and even for the U18 National team/Olympics. I was just asked to help mentor the goalies a bit and then manage the bench and goalie rotations for the games. Two other girls from my team went too. We met other girls from the teams in our conference and we all had so much fun together! It was a great experience!

Now we look forward to Easter break! We have Friday and Monday off of school so that means two four day weeks. And what’s more is that we have two advisement weeks after that, more four day weeks! Hahaha some people say we have a very easy academic schedule here at St Norbert, but I say we have to work really hard to excel here so we deserve a couple extra breaks : ) So anyway, we are all excited to have four days to do nothing but hang out and make some memories!

Classes are going well as usual, good grades and all that stuff! We only have a few weeks left! The snow appears to be melting and spring weather is on its way!

Next week I’ll let you know all the craziness that happens this weekend in my next blog!

Have a great week y’all!

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Well, my team lost to Plattsburgh State last Saturday which ended our season at 18-10-2. Though it is never fun to lose your last game, it’s impossible to look past all of the wonderful things that we have accomplished this year. I am so proud of my team and cannot wait to begin training for next year, my SENIOR YEAR! It truly does go by way too fast.

I am home now enjoying the beautiful weather and finally feeling the sun on my skin. It is so nice to see my family again and to be able to just relax (though I do have a paper to write before I get back L) I went to a Coyote game last night with my dad, already have a pretty good tan going, getting my toes done with my mom this afternoon, going to see Safe Haven on Friday and much more relaxing lies ahead of me!

When I get back to campus we will only have 8 weeks left! There is a lot of fun to be had still! We will start training again in another week or so, but now is our opportunity to really have some fun together with no worries!

This is such a wonderful time in my life and I am so lucky to be where I am!

Have a wonderful week y’all!

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History in the Making!

History was made last weekend, ladies and gentlemen. Your Green Knights advanced, for the first time in our short history, to the conference semi finals! We spanked UW-Superior and left with two W’s under our belts! This is a huge step for our program and the whole campus and surrounding community is buzzing with our recent string of success. But our fight is far from over. This Friday afternoon we travel the River Falls (the host of the conference tournament) to face off against the St. Scholastica Saints! We played them very early in the season; we won the first game 4-2 and lost the second 6-2. However, we are a completely different team now and we are ready for the challenge. After we beat the Saints, we will play the winner of the Steven’s Point vs. River Falls game for the conference championship and a chance to go to the national tournament! We have an important week of preparation ahead of us though. That means getting our athletics squared away too.

I took an exam today that I felt very confident about so I look forward to seeing those results next week sometime. I have an exam and a paper due next week, so that means I started preparing for both yesterday. Because we have to on the road for hockey I don’t like to lose focus because of lingering schoolwork. That’s why I mash it all in the week before haha it’s not too bad though. It feels good to get everything done early so I can have a clear mind and dedicate all of my effort for my teammates. I have to miss school on Friday as well. I think I have said it before but I am so lucky that my professors are so supportive of me and my student-athlete agenda. As long as I get my work done and don’t fall asleep in class they are all on board 😉

My buddy Will from the daycare I work out made me the greatest collage ever! He gave it to me to wish me luck in the playoffs! It has a picture of him sitting on the glass watching me play a couple of weeks ago and then a bunch hockey figures and goalies. It is the coolest thing ever! I am taking it with me this weekend to put in my stall for good luck 🙂 such a thoughtful kid.

Lastly, I achieved a small accomplishment that I’d like to share.. 1st team All-NCHA selection! This is such a proud moment in my hockey career. I have worked very hard to be in this position and it is always wonderful to see your hard work pay off! But the biggest accomplishment would be winning it all with my team! I cannot wait for the games to begin! Check out our games from our website this weekend!

Have a good week y’all!


Books: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks and House Rules by Jodi Picoult

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UW-Stevens Point…? WHO IS THAT?

Ladies and gentlemen, again your St Norbert Green Knights Women’s Hockey Team comes up with another series sweep, with the UW-Stevens Point Pointers falling victim to our end of the season thrashing! We traveled to the Pointer’s arena Friday afternoon and handed them a 4-1 beating to advance our winning streak to four games! Saturday afternoon they came to the Cornerstone and gave it all they had taking a 1-0 lead after the first period. But we put the series to bed and added another sweep to the books by finishing them off with a 3-1 victory in front of our home crowd! Five games in a row and all the momentum in the world as we travel to UW-Superior next weekend to take on the Yellow Jackets in the NCHA Quarterfinals! This is another huge series, not only is it playoffs, but the Yellow Jackets ended our season last year in the first round. We split the series with the a few weeks ago with them taking the first game and us with the second. However, not only are we a completely different team than we were last year, but we are also completely different than we were three weeks ago! I am predicting our first progression into the second round J more on that next week!

School is going well as usual. I have an exam this week and a few assignments to turn in before we leave for UW-Superior on Thursday afternoon! My professors are all really understanding about me missing school sometimes for hockey. They are actually pretty excited for us most times! So if you plan on coming here and playing a sport you’re in luck! We have some wonderful professors on campus!

Work is great as well! I work at the daycare on campus! My little buddy Will came to watch me play this weekend! He sat right on the glass like a true fan and watched us take it to ‘em! So darn cute! I rewarded him for his focus with a game puck! He was so happy! That’s what it’s all about! Sharing your love of the game with others!

Back at home my mom and dad are really proud of how we are playing and can’t wait to come out and watch us win a championship! But for right now we focus on the first round!

Have a good week, y’all!!

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Lake Forest College…? Who’s that?

So as I reported last week, your Green Knights traveled to Lake Forest College over the weekend to take on the 7th ranked team in the nation. We knew we had our work cut out for us, but we knew we could prevail. “That which you manifest is before you.” That was the quote we lived by this weekend. To me it means that whatever you set your mind to is within your grasp, if you are focused and prepared you can achieve your goal. With that being said, the Green Knights of St Norbert College absolutely CLOBBERED the Foresters and returned home with TWO W’s!!! SWEEP, SWEEP! This was a huge weekend for us and we delivered. Both games my team killed themselves to do whatever it took to win! That is what a championship team is made of!

Everything is going to so well for me lately! My team is peaking at the right time and as a captain, it is basically your responsibility to make sure that happens. I got an A on my I/O Psychology exam I took last week, my team took points from a nationally ranked opponent and we get to do it again this weekend in a home and home series versus Steven’s Point!

Miscellaneous: We get a day off of our skates this afternoon and instead get to do Yoga! Going to be very interesting 😉 Practice resumes Tuesday thru Thursday then we travel to Steven’s Point Friday afternoon and then (because of the curling championship going on at the Cornerstone) we will play our last regular season game on the men’s rink Saturday afternoon! I hope that you can come out and watch us continue our winning streak!

Lastly, I have a few recommendations. Books: The Art of Racing in the Rain. The Shack. Movies: The Giant Mechanical Man (DO IT!! Netflix) and Songs: Running out of Moonlight, Randy Houser!

Have a great week y’all!


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