Time Flies!

Well, it’s Sunday afternoon here in De Pere and I am enjoying some quiet time in my room on this cold day in October, trying to wind down from the weekend and get some homework done. I dropped Michael off at the airport a few hours ago : ( very sad haha This weekend went by WAY too fast. But we did have a lot of fun together as always. He came to my practices on Thursday and Friday and then was also able to see the Green and White game on Saturday. I think he really enjoyed being able to see the Green Knights in action! He will be back in a few weeks to see our second weekend of home games vs St. Scholastica!

But first, my mom and dad are coming! They will be here in about 2 and half weeks to catch the home opener! SO SO SO very excited to have them here! By that time it will have been just over 8 or 9 weeks since I have seen them so it is LONG overdue! I can’t wait for them to see us play and just to be able to feel like I am back at home again for a few days. Having my mommy and daddy around will do that to me ; )

This coming week is going to be a busy one, and that also makes me think that it’ll be a long one as well. This will be our first full week of practice so it will be pretty tiring, especially with no games to look forward to on the weekend… it’ll be tough. But we just gotta work hard and push through it in order to be ready for our first series of games! This is a very exciting time and I know my team can’t wait to not only compete again finally, but to WIN!

Other than that, school is going well. Have a lot to catch up on and get ahead on before mom and dad get here! So I will definitely be staying busy!

Have a great week, y’all.


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