And So It Begins!

This week marks the official start of our 2013-14 season! The St. Norbert College Green Knights Women’s Hockey Team takes the ice this Wednesday to begin preparation for our upcoming season! We are all so excited to get on the ice with our coaches and of course we’re anticipating the first drop of the puck! We just finished off our pre season preparation with our athletic testing and our last captain’s skate this morning. Now the next thing to look forward to is Wednesday : )

Not only is our season starting this week but also… MICHAEL WILL BE HERE THURSDAY! I am very excited to have him here with me again for a few days. It is always so wonderful having the people you love come and visit. It is definitely an immediate stress reliever for me. Michael will also get to watch our annual Green and White game this Saturday at the Corner Stone at 2pm. This game is always so much fun because it gives the freshmen a sense of what the season is going to be like and the atmosphere is always competitive since we are squaring off against each other! It is a very fun way to bring out the best in our teammates!

School is going well, too! I got two exams back last week and got B’s on both! And then I also got two papers back and got an AB and a B on those! So things are going well. I just finished my second paper for my Theology of Spirituality class that I am really enjoying so far!

The team also volunteered at the Girls Hockey Weekend Across America event on Sunday where we got to do a meet and greet with some of the youth players in Green Bay. We also gave them a tour of our locker room and got them on the ice so they could show off their skills!

We also celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving as a team as well! We had TWO turkeys and stuffing, corn, potatoes, green bean casserole, and of course… pie : ) It was such a fun weekend!

Other than that there is not too much to report on. Michael will be here soon and then my next visitors will be my mom and dad for the home opener and banner presentation : ) I have really been missing my mom and dad so it is going to be very relieving to see them soon!

Have a great and successful week, y’all!


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