Team Togetherness!

Well this past week was very busy! I had a 7 page paper due Thursday that turned out to be 9 pages, and I had a big exam to study for that was on Friday, while still having a bunch of smaller assignments and readings to finish. So needless to say, our team party on Saturday was a much needed relaxing time! We were all split up into countries that we had to dress up as and then we had a bunch of games and stuff to play. It lasted all Saturday evening after the freshmen welcoming portion of the party was over. Everyone had so much fun!

And now it is Sunday and I am enjoying a relaxing day full of leisure time and some homework. Things are good here at SNC, and to top it all off, long weekend is coming up so that means we only have class until Wednesday this week! FOUR DAY WEEKEND! It is going to be such a nice break from classes, as well as a good opportunity to catch up and get ahead on some assignments, as well as sleep!

The team is doing well! We are all getting so anxious for the season to officially start! Only about 3 more weeks, and then 2 weeks after that is our first series of games in Minnesota! Our captain’s skates are going really well, the freshmen are starting to feel more comfortable and the talents is starting to seep through! Such exciting things to come this season!

Other than that, I am just trying to enjoy my last first semester of the year here at SNC! Soaking it all in!

Have a great week!


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