It’s Our Birthday!

This past weekend our team carried out another Green Knight tradition by celebrating all of our birthdays in one night (that’s 26 birthday songs). It was a blast! We started the party outside between my house and our neighbors, who are now hockey players too, but then of course we got rained on! So no big deal, we brought the party inside and had such a good time and made countless memories.

We had a short week of classes last week because of Labor Day which was really nice. This semester is going to be pretty busy but I know I will get through it! I somehow always do : ) My first paper is due this week and I have already completed it and feel pretty good about it. I won’t have any exams for a while, but that is definitely OK with me ; )

Our workouts have been going well. I work out with a small group of our team 4 days a week at Schuldes focusing on lifting weights and getting stronger, and then we have 2 team sessions that are focused on speed, agility, and conditioning. So needless to say, we are getting into to good shape FAST! Everyone looks really good. We finally get to get on the ice this week. We will have Monday and Wednesday early morning skates and then an optional Friday morning skate. We are all anxious to get on the ice together again.

My boyfriend is coming out in 10 days! I can hardly wait. I am also missing my mom and dad a lot too! The first few weeks is always an adjustment no matter what year you are. But with time and routine things always tend to settle down. My parents will definitely be here for the home opener on Nov. 8th but I am also hoping that they can get out here before then too!

Other than that, things are going pretty smoothly around here. This coming week I will be busy with school and work outs of course but nothing to extraordinary other than that!

Have a great week, y’all!

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