Two Weeks Left!

Well, it has been another laid back week. I took an exam last Monday that I got a 90% on! I am very happy about that because it was definitely a tough one. But I prepared hard for it so I am very happy with the result. I just finished a ten page paper that is not due for a week! It is such a good feeling because now I can start to focus on my finals rather than doing that and my paper at the same time. Other than that it should be a fairly easy week homework-wise. I have a lab project to get done, but then it will be smooth sailing for the last week of classes.

The team is doing well too. We are just continuing our post season workouts. We also just finished up our end-of-the-season individual meetings with coach. We use this time to reflect back on the season and talk about things that we can do better for next year! A few of us helped out at the track meet this weekend as well. I was with the shot put throwers. I was the kid that had to fetch the 16 pound ball, pick it up, and carry it all the way back to the athletes. Needless to say, I had so much fun ; ) hahaha In reality though, it does feel good to help out other teams when they need it. I was happy that I could contribute. Our last event as a team is our banquet this Friday. This is always a fun time to reflect back on our season and celebrate!

My dad booked his flight to come out to help drive me home! He is flying into Milwaukee so I will be picking him up on the way back and then our journey really begins. I can’t wait to see him! Even though the drive is quite long it is always enjoyable to be with my daddy : ) I love him very much! Then as soon as I get home I’ll see my momma! I have missed her a lot too! We have so many plans for the summer : ) I cannot wait! I am also looking forward to see my brother graduate from Arizona State too! FINALLY : ) such fun things happening in my near future!

In other news, Phoenix Coyotes player, Keith Yandle (Boston native) honored angel, Martin Richard by wearing his name and age on the back of his jersey for warm-ups during last night’s game vs. the Blackhawks. I included the picture, thought y’all would like that!

Welp, lastly I finished Firefly Lane this week! Very VERY good! There is a sequel, too. So I will get that this week and report back at a later date!

Enjoy your week, y’all!

PS.. I attached the picture from the Norby awards from last week!

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