Norby Awards

Last night was the first annual Norby Awards where the student-athletes of St. Norbert College get recognized for outstanding performances and achievements! The women’s hockey team was nominated for best female team performance with our conference win and for overall best female team. Needless to say we won both! : ) VERY EXCITING! Our team is very honored to win the respect of our peers and the endless support is unbelievable. After the ceremonies some of us went to the Abbey for some dollar burgers and beverages to celebrate!

I have taken a few exams within the last few days and I feel very confident about both of them! My grades are really looking good and I just registered for my classes for next semester! I am taking Theology of Spirituality, Memory and Cognition, Cross-culture Psych and International Inequalities! It is going to be another great semester.

With things winding down, the team is looking forward to our end of the year banquet where certain performances get recognized by the team and coaching staff. Also, the players have to prepare gifts for the coaching staff. It is a very busy time of the year. We have less than 3 weeks left of school, then finals, then home to the desert for summer time! : ) it is starting to warm up here a bit, bit just like y’all know about Wisconsin weather is not to get your hopes up, because it is ever-changing!

Not much to report on this week, so I’ll try to do something fun during the week that I can share with y’all next time.

Lastly, I’d just like to mention how horrible the bombings in Boston were. Sometimes this world is a tough place to live in… So much hate. But I heard that when you see tragedy on the news, the best thing to do is look for the helpers. That’s where you can find the good in the world again. Keep sending your prayers to Boston!

Have a great week, y’all!

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