The End Is Near!

Well, we just wrapped up out 4 day break from school in celebration of Easter! It was such a relaxing weekend. We had a fire in a backyard and had people over everyday enjoying the warmer (not warm, but warmer) weather. We even made Easter dinner with a few girls from the team! It was delicious and I was the turkey carver. My Morfar would be so proud : ) I was able to get a little homework done early and still had time to enjoy my book and FOUR movies! Haha I was busy. We started classes up again today, so it’s only a four day week which will be nice! I already feel like it’s the weekend again. I have an exam at the end of the week that I will be preparing for the next couple of days. Our team also has our physical testing this week. We do these to set a baseline so that when we go home for the summer we have certain goals to work towards for when we come back in the fall, my senior year  🙁 It goes by too fast.

My family has been missing me a lot I can tell! They are already anticipating my homecoming. My mom already has all these plans of redoing my room and shopping and sappy love movies and much more. My dad is excited to get me back on the ice with him, I think he’s been having withdrawals ; ) We have already started talking about the long journey home to the west coast. I will have to take my finals early so that we can make it back for my brother’s graduation ceremony at Arizona State University. It’s been a long time coming for him and I am so proud he can finally have a break for a year before he goes back for his masters in counseling. Such an exciting time for him! I miss them all very much, but for now I am trying to have as much fun as I can here (without getting into too much trouble either) before I go back home and start working 🙁 blahh.

But anyway, I have some recommendations..

Books: Night road by Kristen Hannah (one of my most favorite books yet, make sure when you sit down to start it you aren’t busy because I read about 150 pages in one sitting. It took me like 4 sittings total to finish it) IT’LL BLOW YOUR MIND!

Movies: Zero Dark Thirty (very long, but very interesting) and Rise of the Guardians!! Oh my goodness cutest movie ever : ) enjoy!

That’s all for now. Have a great week y’all!

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