Let the Training Begin!

My team had our first session of post-season training yesterday and let me tell ya, I am sore already! But it feels good to get back in the gym and start preparing for next year. Everyone seems energized again and ready to go.

But with only off-ice workouts 3 times a week there is a lot of room for some spring fun! This past week I was invited to help out with the USA Hockey Central District Player Development Camp. I used to do this camp when I was in high school, but in the Rocky Mountain District. Anyway, it’s a camp for players to go tryout for in order to get selected to go to the National camp! Very exciting! This is how most female players get noticed for colleges and even for the U18 National team/Olympics. I was just asked to help mentor the goalies a bit and then manage the bench and goalie rotations for the games. Two other girls from my team went too. We met other girls from the teams in our conference and we all had so much fun together! It was a great experience!

Now we look forward to Easter break! We have Friday and Monday off of school so that means two four day weeks. And what’s more is that we have two advisement weeks after that, more four day weeks! Hahaha some people say we have a very easy academic schedule here at St Norbert, but I say we have to work really hard to excel here so we deserve a couple extra breaks : ) So anyway, we are all excited to have four days to do nothing but hang out and make some memories!

Classes are going well as usual, good grades and all that stuff! We only have a few weeks left! The snow appears to be melting and spring weather is on its way!

Next week I’ll let you know all the craziness that happens this weekend in my next blog!

Have a great week y’all!

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