Luckiest Kid in the World!

What a wonderful weekend! I am not even sure I can put it into words but I’ll give it a go!

First, I picked up mom, dad and Mormor from the airport! Having them here with me is a feeling I just can’t explain! The warmth of family is a beautiful and powerful thing. We got them checked into the Kress and I surprised my mom with a decorated door for her birthday 🙂 She was so overwhelmed she walked right by it before she realized it was for her! I gave a picture of me and her in a SNC frame. It made me feel wonderful to see her so happy. Later on we went to my practice and then had Gallaghers for dinner.

Friday morning I was up bright and early to study for an exam on Industrial and Organizational Psych. I went in feeling pretty nervous about it, but I came out very confident! Then it was time to put school aside and get in the zone. We had a huge series against the nationally ranked Superior Yellow Jackets. We held them to a 1-1 game for about 50 minutes of play until they got a late goal to take the W 2-1. That was a really tough loss because it was such a hard fought battle. But you can’t keep the Knights down! We came out Saturday afternoon and took it to ‘em! Green Knights win 3-1! It was so rewarding to get those 2 much needed points and it secured us a spot in playoffs! We are a powerhouse right now and teams don’t know what they are in for! Two more weekends of regular season play then its playoff time and we are ready to get going!

Things have settled down now. I just dropped the family off at the airport 🙁 Never fun to do but I know I will see them soon! I have a long night in the library ahead of me to get things together before our road trip to take on the Lake Forest Foresters!

I am so lucky to have the family that I do! They pushed me and always supported me and that’s how I got here! Such a wonderful opportunity it is to go to a great school and get to represent the college on the ice. Not many people have these blessings and its time like these that I realize just how lucky I am!

Love you momma and mokey J miss you guys already! See you on the tv next weekend 🙂 Wish me luck!

Have a great week y’all!

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