My Cup Runneth Over!

One of my most favorite quotes of all time: My cup runneth over! It means that I have so much love and richness in my life that it spills over like a cup overflowed with too much water. This truly fits my life after such a wonderful visit with my boyfriend, Candler, birthday gifts and birthday wishes sent from home from my family and friends and all of my fellow Green Knights to help me celebrate my 21st! But one at a time here..

Candler visited for NINE WHOLE DAYS! What a week : ) we had so much fun together and had countless laughs and memories. Like I had anticipated, we watched a zillion movies and probably a hundred zillion episodes of Law and Order: SVU. We cooked Thanksgiving dinner together and he made the tastiest turkey I have ever had! He also made a cherry pie while watching a football game : ) such a manly man! After the past nine days it’s weird not to have him in the house anymore. Like I said, long distance is extremely tough, but visits like this make us both remember how worth it all the hard times are. Because when we are together, everything seems right. (I know, extra mushy-gushy today, sorry) 🙂 Not to mention he showered me in gifts and fun nights out!

Speaking of gifts, my mom, dad, and brother sent me a box full of so many fun birthday gifts. Perfumes, make up, clothes, gift cards, and a whole lot more. It was definitely the best gift I have ever gotten : ) they really made my birthday so special, even though they couldn’t be here to celebrate with me. I just can’t wait to get back home in two weeks to see them all and Candler as well!

Lastly, my friends and I all went out last night for some fun. Needless to say we had a GREAT time! I have so much happiness in my life because of the people I surround myself with! So many memories and laughs and sooooo much love! I am definitely pretty lucky!

MY CUP RUNNETH OVER! Have a good week y’all, and may your cup runneth over as well ; )

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