Well, our last series of games before Thanksgiving break did not really go according to plan. We tied Marian University 1-1 on Saturday night and then pulled off another come-from-behind victory on Sunday afternoon. Ideally, we would rather have won both games because that’s what we were expected to do. But, every bad game is a learning experience. Our team has had some time for self-reflection and after this much needed break we hope to come back and pull off two sweeps, one versus Eau Claire and one versus Adrian. These will be tough series so it is important that we use this break to continue to train hard as well.

In other news, MY BOYFRIEND IS FINALLY HERE! He made his trip from Mississippi up here to good ol’ De Pere last Friday morning. He was able to enjoy both games over the weekend and we have had so many laughs already. Like I have said before, it is so wonderful to have family around. We have been dating for four years now so it’s hard to be without him for so long, that’s why these trips are so enjoyable! And he is going to be here for 6 more days! So much time to enjoy each other’s company 🙂 and even when he goes back to school it’s only two weeks or so until we are both home in Arizona for Christmas for 14 days! Having a relationship that is long distance isn’t easy all the time, but it makes you realize what you really want in life and who is important to you and who isn’t. It is really a learning experience.

Lastly, I have finally completed my four exams before Thanksgiving break! Now all I have left to do is relax with my boyfriend for a whole week 🙂 It is such a good feeling to keep up with things and get stuff done so that I can have time to turn my brain off for a while! After break we will be in the home stretch for the end of the semester. So this will be a nice break before I have to get back to business to finish hard and strong!

Next Monday I will report on what goes on around campus when most people go home for breaks! Candler and I will probably watch a hundred movies in that time so maybe I can give a couple reviews as well!

Have such a happy Thanksgiving y’all! Remember and reflect on everything you are thankful for!

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