A Very Eye-Opening Experience!

Well, as I mentioned in my last blog, my team had no games to look forward to this past weekend and as I had expected, the week seemed to drag on for eternity. So what do the Green Knights of the women’s hockey team do with an off weekend you ask? Well we still played hockey, but from a totally different perspective! SLED HOCKEY! Yes, the Green Knights strapped on our sleds and faced off against the Wisconsin Warriors. These guys are pros! So needless to say, we lost 16-3. But of course we all enjoyed ourselves beyond belief and couldn’t get the smiles off our faces. What an inspiring story to be told! These players were presented with difficulties in life and still press on to play the sport that only really special people can understand and love. And man, were they good! We were falling all over the place, bumping into each other. It was just a mess! But what an experience! We hope to tune up our skills a bit and take on the Warriors for a rematch at a later date.

Other than that, this past week and weekend were pretty low key. The team is absolutely bouncing off the walls in anticipation for our huge series this weekend versus St. Scholastica. We have all been really putting in the work the last couple of weeks and a sweep of this team could put us in a nationally ranked position. All hype aside, it is really important that we stay focused this week and put all of our effort into every training session so that we are prepared for Friday and Saturday. We play at 6:30pm and 2pm respectively so please if you are in the area we could use all the support we can get! Come by the Cornerstone arena and get your hockey fix.

Well, of course.. I miss mommy and daddy already haha : ) they made it home safely last weekend and are already counting the days until I come home for Christmas break. I can’t even explain how lucky I am to have such a loving and supportive family. I talk to my mom and dad every day to keep them updated with my crazy life and my big brother and I talk often as well. I miss them a bunch! But I have a very special visitor coming at the end of next week : ) My boyfriend is coming to visit me for my birthday and Thanksgiving break. I haven’t seen him since August! So we are definitely due, and he will be here for 9 days so we will have soooo much time to spend together. We are so lucky : )

Lastly, I started going to a little church near campus called the Vineyard of Green Bay, De Pere area. It’s at 300 Grant St. It is a brand new establishment so there are not too many members yet. It’s such a lovely, small environment and I really enjoy it so far. So if you are looking for a church to attend this is a great place, whether you’ve been raised in church or you just want to start up like me! Check it out!

Thanks for keeping up with me and my crazy life. I hope to report back to week with a couple W’s to brag about : ) Have a great week, y’all!

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