Today is the Day!!

             It is finally here! Our first official practice of the 2012-13 season will commence today at 3:15 pm sharp. The whole team is so excited, especially our coaches! We cannot wait to hit the ice and finally begin the final preparations for our home opener on October 26th! Just a few days away : )

In other news, I am coming off of another very busy week of school and an absolutely unforgettable weekend with my team! As soon as Friday classes and work had ended it was time to start anticipating the Saturday “welcoming the freshman” party. And it was everything we’d hope it’d be. Everyone was dressed up, we had The Incredibles make an appearance, a group from the 80’s was there, and of course the junior class coming in as NHL mascots! This event really solidified our team as an official group, not just us and the new comers anymore. We have united as one team with the intentions on winning ourselves a couple hockey games this season! It will absolutely be our best season yet, be sure to follow our progress!

                Also, with the home opener approaching that means mom and dad are coming!! They will be here the 25th and will be able to watch both games. I haven’t seen my dad since August so I am really looking forward to being reunited : ) Being around family while at school really helps me to be able to refocus on things and get back to that comfort zone. I really look forward to having them around and showing them how hard the team has been working!

                School wise, this week should breeze by… hopefully. I just have a big assignment due tomorrow that I will be finishing up tonight after practice and dinner. Then I have a debate in my Psych class next Monday that my group and I have to prepare for this week as well. Other than that, just one exam next week before my parents come so I have some time to really bear down and study for it.

                Life is good here at SNC! And the fun continues! Talk to y’all next week!

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