Is it Friday Yet?

Well, not to anyone’s surprise, “long” weekend was exceptionally short as always. Now it is Monday and I have finished my day of classes but still have to get to work soon, then team workout with our trainer, Chase, then shower, then dinner and finally I am sure I will be in the library all night finishing a project that is due tomorrow. Clearly, I am anticipating the coming weekend’s adventures already, but that’s the life of a college kid! Living for the weekend and trying to get some knowledge while we’re at it.

Speaking of the weekend, it will be a busy one! It is homecoming so lots of stuff will be happening all across campus. As for the women’s hockey team, we will be having a small get together at my house to officially “welcome” our freshmen 😉 Since it is the last weekend before our official season starts we wanted to make this weekend our time to celebrate OUR TEAM! Each class has to come up with a theme to dress up as and it’s just gonna be a riot! However, it is still a week away and I am in for another busy week!

Thank goodness, this break was fun and relaxing at least. Even though I put in eight hours at the daycare on Thursday and Friday it was still fun to be around the kids all day. They were long days, but talking with these little kids and playing with them all day really shouldn’t be called a job.  Some of my teammates and I also went to Oshkosh to watch our JV hockey team play. Needless to say, they whooped on the Oshkosh Titans both nights! It was fun to make the trip down there to support our Green Knights! We are just a huge family here at SNC! After a relaxing and carefree weekend I am ready to tackle another crazy week of college!

Like I said I have an assignment due tomorrow, followed by a test this Friday! I will have plenty of time to study for this exam so I am hoping for a very good grade! I got my philosophy exam back last Tuesday and did so well on it, as I anticipated. The class is very interesting so it is pretty easy to retain all the information. Then by the end of the week the team has our last round of fitness testing then come Monday we will be on the ice with our coach for our first official practice!

Very exciting times ahead! Try to keep up! Have a good week ya’ll!


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