Fall Break!

Not too much to report on this week, it was a pretty low key couple of days; which is always good for relaxing!  I got two of my exams back from a few weeks ago and I am very happy with the results, I put a lot of hard work into studying and I was rewarded for it! I should be getting my Philosophy exam back tomorrow as well and I will be able to report back on that next week.

Now looking forward: FALL BREAK IS UPON US! We only have three days of class this week and a four day weekend to follow! This is so reassuring because everyone needs a break from classes every once in a while. But of course there’s always work to be done. I am putting in 16 hours at the day care from Thursday to Friday this week to bring in some money for this broke college student. So those will be long days but hanging with the kids is always fun and at least I won’t be in class 😉 And of course, though we will not have “mandatory” team workouts, we will all stay busy working on our own to stay in shape over the break. We have our athletic testing coming up next week so it is important to stay on top of things.

Overall, it is going to be quite an exciting month! First fall break, then I am due for an upgrade on my phone (free iPhone, yea!), next our season will officially begin and finally mom and dad are coming out to visit their kid! It is always important to have things to get excited about, especially when you are so far from home and crazy busy between your studies and athletics. These little festivities will help push me through all the tough things that college life also brings, you always have to take some time to have A LOT of fun!

I’ll do my best to have a bunch of fun this week so I can report back on all the crazy things that happen here at SNC! Have a great week ya’ll!


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