Back to the Ol’ Grind

Welp, my momma has come and went in just a few short days…  What a wonderful time we had together though! We had Chipotle (as promised), went to the JV Hockey game, went to the football game, worked a station at SNC day with the men and women varsity teams, and overall just enjoyed the time we had together! I miss her already! But now it is time to look forward to the next event, the HOME OPENER is just a few short weeks away, and this time my mom AND dad will be out to cheer on the Green Knights! I can’t wait for them to be able to watch me play and just enjoy some more family time together here at SNC.

In other news, with my mom leaving I have to return to reality here on campus. Between exams, papers, assignments, lab and A LOT of course readings, I am in for another LONG and BUSY week! But after such a good weekend with my mom and the team, I am ready to focus in on my studies. That is the best part about weekends and being lucky enough to have family come visit every-once-in-a-while!

Over the weekend my team participated in the “Ropes Course” which is located right here on the SNC campus! We had so much fun together and to most of our surprise we really believe we learned a lot about ourselves as a team and set some really good leadership goals to push us through to obtaining our main goal: becoming national champions. We learned a lot from our facilitators. We even incorporated what we learned into our new team identity for the 2012-2013 season! Tim (one of our facilitators) said that the only difference between a championship team and other teams is that they KNOW they are champions. Not just because they have been crowned before but because they know it in their hearts. Our team has to believe that WE ARE CHAMPIONS before we can even strive to become one.

Therefore, we stumbled across our new team motto! Every season it has always been and always will be “We Stick Together”, that is our legacy, but then each new season we add on a saying at the end so that everyone gets a say in what it is. Our first season it was “We stick together as one team with one goal”, last season it was “We stick together and work to win”, this season, in light of our new knowledge from Tim, we came up with “We stick together because WE ARE CHAMPIONS!” This saying will hang in our locker room everyday to remind us of who we are so we can go out and defeat every opponent!

We were so lucky to have had this opportunity provided by St Norbert College! The atmosphere of a true team that loves and cares about one another unconditionally is truly unbeatable. This year will be our year and I hope ya’ll can come out to support us at the Cornerstone! And lastly, I encourage any competitor whether of sports or academics or any other kind of competition to view yourself as a champion and you will soon be rewarded for you championship efforts!

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