Time to Take the Ice!

After a long awaited four weeks of school and work outs, I have almost forgotten that I am even a hockey player! But my senses will be renewed Tuesday at 4pm as the Green Knights take the ice for our first Captain’s practice. Captain’s practices are run by the team captains (who-da-thunk?), without any of the coaching staff on the ice, a rule set forth by the NCAA that coaches cannot take the ice with their team until the official start of the season (Oct 15th). All the girls are pumped to finally be back in our natural habitat together and to be able to scope out the skills of our new freshmen. A lot of us also have some brand new gear to work in before the season gets going. Personally, I got a brand new catcher and a new chest/arm protector! I AM PUMPED! It is tough to break in newgear sometimes but it is always worth it in the end. And who doesn’t like new stuff?!!

In other news I have a tough couple days ahead of me this week. I have already completed one exam today in my PSYC 320 class (Abnormalities in Childhood) and of course.. I nailed it. I will be getting those results towards the end of the week so hopefully I can pass that information along to ya’ll next Monday or Tuesday. Now I still have to prepare for my second exam of the week tomorrow, which is promised to be one of the hardest exams I have taken thus far in my collegiate career. Exams are tough around here and they always create an anxious environment, but you only get out what you put in. You put in the work, you reap the benefits. I am hoping that I have prepared myself enough to do very well! (Considering I have been studying for it since last Tuesday!!)

But on a more positive note, I did manage to have a little fun this weekend. On Friday some of my teammates got together at my house and we watched Dream Girls (longest movie ever) but it was very good. When it was over we found ourselves to be extremely bored, so it was only fitting that we held our own water gun fight against each other. It was a battle of the nations! (My house includes a Canuck, a Dane and me, the American) Saturday we managed to drag ourselves out of bed to make it to our teammate Zoe’s soccer game at 11am. Those kind of events are always fun, you see like a zillion people and get to cheer on your fellow Green Knights. A lot of our team was there, some of the men’s team as well and we were graced by the presence of Eric Wagner, one of our wonderful admissions guys!

To end this blog I will start the countdown for when my Momma arrives on campus.. 3 more sleeps! I am so excited to see her. Next week I will be able to report on all the shenanigans we get into over the weekend! Have a wonderful week, ya’ll!


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