Welp, it has been another long week of classes and studies and it is only the third week! My classes are going well and I am finally starting to settle in with the work load after all of the festivities of moving in and such. I am only taking three courses this semester because my Principles and Methods of Research class is said to be similar to three classes in one, so I will have to devote a lot of my studying to that particular course. Everything is going well so far though!

Our team workouts with our trainer, Chase have been rough! He puts us through some tough workouts only because he knows we can take it. We are all so excited about this upcoming season and we are all training so hard to prepare for the long haul. But of course we have to mix in some fun as well, which we do very well! Last weekend we had a “team birthday party”. We wanted to think of a tradition to start to celebrate all of our birthdays at once. So we just decided to have a party and sing happy birthday to every person on the team (that’s a lot of birthday songs). Regardless, it was a fun time and we decorated the house with birthday stuff and all the works!

And now of course it is back to reality. I have a full week of classes ahead of me and then my momma is coming next weekend! I am so excited for her to come out so we can spend some quality time together. We are gonna get Chipotle, watch movies, cook good dinners and just enjoy our time together! After that my mom and dad will be coming out for the home opener and hopefully many more trips to come!

Well, that is all for now. Have a good week ya’ll!

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