Exciting Weekend of Games!

Well, this past weekend the Green Knights faced off against the Saints of St. Scholastica. We made the six hour trip to Duluth and split the series winning the first game with a nail-biting score of 2-1. With a sixth Saint attacker for the last few minutes of the game and a 2-1 score there was a huge scramble in front of the net. However, the Green Knights were able to shut down the Saints, but not without some pushing and shoving. As seen in the provided picture 😉

A huge win for the team, but now it’s back to school for the mark of our second week back from break. Nothing much to report about yet, classes are going really well and I am really enjoying them. I was really happy when our coach reached out to recruit me that when I looked up the school to check it out I would be able to pursue my Psychology major here as well. That’s the great thing about St Norbert, very versatile. Not to mention that all of my classes are not jam-packed with kids and when you see your professors around campus they actually say hi to you by name. You won’t find that at many universities. It is a great little community here at SNC. Lots of staff and students keep up with our games even while we are away and congratulate us on our efforts when we return back to campus.

Everyone knows each other around here and in turn you have a campus full of people that care about you and what you are up to. It’s a nice feeling to represent a school with such great character!

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