Back to School

Well, it has been a long couple a weeks and a wonderful break from classes, but today marked the first day back to the everyday hustle of getting an education. Our hockey team has been back on campus here for three weeks already playing some big games and taking our team glamour shot. Long story short, we lost to Hamline and beat St Kate’s the first weekend, split the series between Superior and Lake Forest the last two weeks. Now we face St. Scholastica this coming Saturday and Sunday. These are huge games for our team as they will dictate where we fall in the standings and whether we will get home ice the first couple rounds. We are very eager to get some W’s!

As far as the down time during J term it was definitely down. It is safe to say that I think I watched about 165 movies within the three weeks of nothingness. Yet, it was much needed time to relax and regain all the energy I lost during finals week. Now sitting in class and using my laptop for something besides Netflix is definitely a challenge. My classes, however, are great so far!! As you get deeper into your four years you begin to focus more on your major and it starts to actually be fun to learn about things. Mostly because it interests you and you choose to be there. It is a good feeling. I am also taking a required general study area that will discuss providence, suffering and freedom and how God fits into the suffering in our world. Also, I am taking a criminology course as an elective! I will have that class tomorrow and I am very excited to see how it goes. As far as my psyc classes I already had my Intro to Psychotherapy course and I am very pleased with what we will be learning about. The course will pretty much tell me exactly what I need to know about being a clinical psychologist. Then my second course is Adult Development and Aging, it’s a psyc elective. I am sure that class will be full of interesting material.

Other than that it’s just same ol’ same ol’ around campus, besides our brand new cafeteria, which is amazing!! Such a nice contribution to the school. I know that the students are really enjoying to modern vibe and open space! Well until next time J

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