So Much to Do!

It has been a very busy couple of weeks here at St Norbert College. The team just finished up three games in the past week, winning one and losing two. Not the way we hoped things would have worked out. But we have to keep moving forward. We trip up to River Falls this weekend to take on the Falcons and are hoping to gain some much needed points. Upon our arrival back on campus the atmosphere will be very different because of finals week. It is going to be tough to focus on the games while also getting some study time in and finish up my ten page research paper. But bring it on!

My parents and Mormor visited this past week and it was great to see them again. It always is nice to have family around. I am very much looking forward to getting home for Christmas break so I can see my big brother and my baby cousin and all my other family members that I have not seen since I left last summer. But still have a lot to accomplish before that so it is time to focus and come away with some good grades this semester and come back refreshed and ready to do it all over again. That’ s the life of a college kid!

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