Welp, we have extended our undefeated streak! We came from behind to tie Lake Forest on Friday night and came from behind to win on Saturday night! Though we did not get both wins it was a great weekend for the Green Knights! We had a few areas where we struggled, but overall we never gave up and gave a good fight until the end. Lake Forest is a great team and it’s exciting to know that we can even play better than we did! On Friday night I received the “Team Hard Hat” given to the hardest
working player of the game. On Saturday evening I gave it to Ali Parker who scored her first career hat trick! Again, we had such a great weekend!

My mom and dad enjoyed their time here as well! We had lots of quality time together and they always love seeing all the other parents and visiting with the girls! It was so wonderful having them here : ) we all bunked in my room so it was quite cozy all weekend. I dropped them off at the airport earlier today, which of course is never easy. But I will be home in four weeks for Christmas, which is exciting but we have a couple of HUGE series coming up before then and I am SOOO excited for that! The season is finally underway and it feels great to be competing again and to begin to defend our Conference championship!

Next up is St. Scholastica and I have yet another visitor coming! Michael will be here in three days to watch our games : ) I am very excited to have him here again and he cannot wait to watch us play. St. Scholoastica will be another tough team but we will be ready for them! It’ll be a great series!

Back on campus we are wrapping things up to get ready for finals in the near future! I cannot believe it’s almost over, it has gone so fast! I have a few papers and presentations to prepare for, but for the most part it should not be too stressful.

I hope to report on two W’s next week and lots of pictures of me and Michael!

Have a great week, y’all!


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The Green Knights Women’s Hockey team started off our season this weekends with two wins! The first one over Concordia-MN Moorhead with a 4-0 victory and the second over St. Benedict with a 7-3 victory! Not a bad way to start the season! It was quite a long trip up to Minnesota, 8 hours : ( yikes! But we stopped on our way up there to watch one of teammates play in her SNC vs. Ripon soccer game! We surprised her and her team with our arrival and cheered them on! It was so fun to see how happy they were to see us there to support them. Even though it was pouring rain, it was worth it!

This upcoming weekend we hope to continue our winning streak with a sweep over Lake Forest College in our home opener! This is going to be a huge series of games because we know that everyone will be gunning for us because of our success last season and because we were favored to win conference this year. Also because we reached 8th place in the national rankings! We have four practices to prepare for the Foresters and we will be ready! Mom and dad will be here Thursday too! They cannot wait to come out and cheer us on! I am so excited to finally have them here and to see them in the stands when I get on the ice! It is going to be such a fun and exciting week!

In terms of school this week, I have an exam Monday that I am well prepared for and a couple other smaller assignments that I should have done before the folks get here so I can devote my attention to them and to getting the sweep!

I also made my new schedule for my next and FINAL semester! I cannot believe it! I am finished with all of my requirements for my major so now it is time to take some classes that seem interesting to me and have a nice laid back final semester and enjoy time with friends and of course win a couple championships as well!

I am so lucky and blessed to be where I am today and I could not be happier!

Have such an amazing week, y’all!



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5 More Sleeps!

Only 5 more sleeps until our first game of the season versus Concordia-MN! Our team is excited and ready to kick off the season with the W followed by another one the next night versus St. Benedicts. This week is going to be one of the easiest weeks yet! Wednesday is advisement day so I get to pick out my final schedule and do not have to go to classes for the day! AND what’s more is that the team leaves for Minnesota on Thursday at 1pm so I only have to go to one class and one hour of work! I know, it’s a tough life I lead. I do however, have to prepare for an exam that I have on Wednesday, and submit a couple assignments before I leave on Thursday, but I will have lots of time to do this since I only have two days of class! The hockey season truly has begun now and I could not be happier about it!

In other news, mommy and daddy are coming out next week for our home opener! I cannot wait to have them here! They are all booked and ticketed and can’t wait to get out here to watch the Green Knights get a couple of wins! They stay with me in my house, so all three of us in my room! Hahaha it is quite cozy : ) after that Michael will be here again so I will be busy with visitors the next few weeks, which I love!

Not much else to report on! Hope to fill you in on two W’s next week! Wish us luck!

Have a great week, y’all!


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Time Flies!

Well, it’s Sunday afternoon here in De Pere and I am enjoying some quiet time in my room on this cold day in October, trying to wind down from the weekend and get some homework done. I dropped Michael off at the airport a few hours ago : ( very sad haha This weekend went by WAY too fast. But we did have a lot of fun together as always. He came to my practices on Thursday and Friday and then was also able to see the Green and White game on Saturday. I think he really enjoyed being able to see the Green Knights in action! He will be back in a few weeks to see our second weekend of home games vs St. Scholastica!

But first, my mom and dad are coming! They will be here in about 2 and half weeks to catch the home opener! SO SO SO very excited to have them here! By that time it will have been just over 8 or 9 weeks since I have seen them so it is LONG overdue! I can’t wait for them to see us play and just to be able to feel like I am back at home again for a few days. Having my mommy and daddy around will do that to me ; )

This coming week is going to be a busy one, and that also makes me think that it’ll be a long one as well. This will be our first full week of practice so it will be pretty tiring, especially with no games to look forward to on the weekend… it’ll be tough. But we just gotta work hard and push through it in order to be ready for our first series of games! This is a very exciting time and I know my team can’t wait to not only compete again finally, but to WIN!

Other than that, school is going well. Have a lot to catch up on and get ahead on before mom and dad get here! So I will definitely be staying busy!

Have a great week, y’all.


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And So It Begins!

This week marks the official start of our 2013-14 season! The St. Norbert College Green Knights Women’s Hockey Team takes the ice this Wednesday to begin preparation for our upcoming season! We are all so excited to get on the ice with our coaches and of course we’re anticipating the first drop of the puck! We just finished off our pre season preparation with our athletic testing and our last captain’s skate this morning. Now the next thing to look forward to is Wednesday : )

Not only is our season starting this week but also… MICHAEL WILL BE HERE THURSDAY! I am very excited to have him here with me again for a few days. It is always so wonderful having the people you love come and visit. It is definitely an immediate stress reliever for me. Michael will also get to watch our annual Green and White game this Saturday at the Corner Stone at 2pm. This game is always so much fun because it gives the freshmen a sense of what the season is going to be like and the atmosphere is always competitive since we are squaring off against each other! It is a very fun way to bring out the best in our teammates!

School is going well, too! I got two exams back last week and got B’s on both! And then I also got two papers back and got an AB and a B on those! So things are going well. I just finished my second paper for my Theology of Spirituality class that I am really enjoying so far!

The team also volunteered at the Girls Hockey Weekend Across America event on Sunday where we got to do a meet and greet with some of the youth players in Green Bay. We also gave them a tour of our locker room and got them on the ice so they could show off their skills!

We also celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving as a team as well! We had TWO turkeys and stuffing, corn, potatoes, green bean casserole, and of course… pie : ) It was such a fun weekend!

Other than that there is not too much to report on. Michael will be here soon and then my next visitors will be my mom and dad for the home opener and banner presentation : ) I have really been missing my mom and dad so it is going to be very relieving to see them soon!

Have a great and successful week, y’all!


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Fall Break!

Well, it is the Sunday concluding fall break and I am sitting in my second story bedroom with my window open enjoying the cool breeze and the beginning changing colors of fall. Needless to say, I am very relaxed and well-rested after this four-day weekend. I really enjoyed being here, even though most people went home, because it makes for a very relaxing environment. I was able to keep up on my workouts, finish all my homework for the week, and get through two whole seasons of Dexter, an HBO series that Michael has got me hooked on. These weekends are good to be able to catch up on school as well as rest… I would know, since I rolled out of bed at about 1pm this afternoon : ) Now I am well prepared for the weeks to come! Which are going to be busy to say the least!

This week is our last week of captain’s skates! So we have four left until Coach gets to come out on the ice with us and the official marking of the beginning of my senior year season. I cannot be more excited to finally get into games and really start working our way to a national championship! There is a lot of hard work to come when Coach hits the ice, but I know I am ready and I think the team is too : )

Michael will be here in about a week and a half! He will be here for our Green and White game on the 19th! So I am sure he will really enjoy that : ) it’ll be a good sneak peak to what is coming this season! My mom and dad will be here shortly after that for the home opener on November 7th or 8th I think : ) So much to look forward to in the next few weeks! I am so soo sooo lucky!

Have a great week, y’all!

Song: Lettin’ the night roll by Justin Moore


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Team Togetherness!

Well this past week was very busy! I had a 7 page paper due Thursday that turned out to be 9 pages, and I had a big exam to study for that was on Friday, while still having a bunch of smaller assignments and readings to finish. So needless to say, our team party on Saturday was a much needed relaxing time! We were all split up into countries that we had to dress up as and then we had a bunch of games and stuff to play. It lasted all Saturday evening after the freshmen welcoming portion of the party was over. Everyone had so much fun!

And now it is Sunday and I am enjoying a relaxing day full of leisure time and some homework. Things are good here at SNC, and to top it all off, long weekend is coming up so that means we only have class until Wednesday this week! FOUR DAY WEEKEND! It is going to be such a nice break from classes, as well as a good opportunity to catch up and get ahead on some assignments, as well as sleep!

The team is doing well! We are all getting so anxious for the season to officially start! Only about 3 more weeks, and then 2 weeks after that is our first series of games in Minnesota! Our captain’s skates are going really well, the freshmen are starting to feel more comfortable and the talents is starting to seep through! Such exciting things to come this season!

Other than that, I am just trying to enjoy my last first semester of the year here at SNC! Soaking it all in!

Have a great week!


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Well as you all know from my last post, Michael visited me this week! We had so much fun I don’t even know where to start. He came in on Wednesday and was supposed to leave on Sunday but his flight was delayed and had to stay another day! I definitely had no complaints there : ) We did a lot of relaxing and going out to eat. He was able to watch my practices and we went out with the team on Saturday night! It was such a fun couple of days and he will be back in 3 and a half weeks : ) I am soooo spoiled and lucky hahah.

This coming week will be an adjustment without him for sure. I will be busy with a paper due Thursday and an exam on Friday, but this weekend we are having our “freshmen welcoming” party : ) they will have  to do a scavenger hunt that we put together, so we should have a lot of fun with that.

SNC day was this past Saturday and that is always fun to see all the community and see how much support the hockey teams have. Our captain’s skates are going really well too, everyone is starting to get into the swing of things. I got my new gear which I am psyched about : )


Other than that, all is well! Miss my mom and dad lately! SO excited for them to come out for the home opener!

Have a good week, y’all!


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Relaxing Weekend!

This past weekend was a much needed relaxing couple of days. I was able to get a lot of homework done and still be able to just hang around with the team. We had a little fire in our backyard on Friday night and even had some s’mores. We had such a fun time together reflecting on old memories and anticipating new ones.

This coming week should breeze by as well! We have started our captain’s skates so we will get on the ice Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week at 6am! It feels so good to be on the ice with everyone again! I should be getting my new gear this week! I am soooo excited! I will definitely upload pictures next week : ) And on top of that… My boyfriend will be here Wednesday! Oh man I am so excited : ) it has definitely been a long time coming and I cannot wait to see him!

So with Michael coming and the annual SNC Day coming up I will have lots to report on next week! Things will start to get busy around here pretty soon so for now I am just trying to enjoy the down time!

Have a great and successful week, y’all!!

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It’s Our Birthday!

This past weekend our team carried out another Green Knight tradition by celebrating all of our birthdays in one night (that’s 26 birthday songs). It was a blast! We started the party outside between my house and our neighbors, who are now hockey players too, but then of course we got rained on! So no big deal, we brought the party inside and had such a good time and made countless memories.

We had a short week of classes last week because of Labor Day which was really nice. This semester is going to be pretty busy but I know I will get through it! I somehow always do : ) My first paper is due this week and I have already completed it and feel pretty good about it. I won’t have any exams for a while, but that is definitely OK with me ; )

Our workouts have been going well. I work out with a small group of our team 4 days a week at Schuldes focusing on lifting weights and getting stronger, and then we have 2 team sessions that are focused on speed, agility, and conditioning. So needless to say, we are getting into to good shape FAST! Everyone looks really good. We finally get to get on the ice this week. We will have Monday and Wednesday early morning skates and then an optional Friday morning skate. We are all anxious to get on the ice together again.

My boyfriend is coming out in 10 days! I can hardly wait. I am also missing my mom and dad a lot too! The first few weeks is always an adjustment no matter what year you are. But with time and routine things always tend to settle down. My parents will definitely be here for the home opener on Nov. 8th but I am also hoping that they can get out here before then too!

Other than that, things are going pretty smoothly around here. This coming week I will be busy with school and work outs of course but nothing to extraordinary other than that!

Have a great week, y’all!

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