We never say goodbye, only Auf Wiedersehen!

In another one of those “small world” instances, I had the opportunity to visit with one of our former German teaching assistants this morning! Philipp Karch came to SNC 12 years ago from the University in Muenster, but he ended up settling here in Berlin after he finished his studies. In another strange twist of fate, Gary Umhoefer from SNC is arriving in Berlin tonight. He is traveling through Europe with his wife and son, and they plan to visit Philipp and his family tomorrow!

I know …… I promised to post no more food, but Philipp and his son Toni made this beautiful torte just for me so I had to take a photo of it for posterity!

Pictured here is Philipp with his wife, Birgit, son Toni, who will turn five next week, and two-year-old daughter Mona. They were all going to walk me back to the streetcar stop after our visit, but Toni got caught up in one of his favorite cartoon shows on the television and there was no peeling him away after that!

Mona was game for an outing, but she wanted nothing to do with the stroller. She went right for the “tri-rad” which is a little tricycle with a handle on it. She gets the illusion of being in control (as two-year-olds like to feel of course) but Papa can take charge when needed – or just for fun!

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