Terezin Concentration Camp

From what we learned on our short tour, the city of Terezin was originally built as an army fortress to protect the area and prevent the Prussian Army from getting to Prague. It was repurposed as a prison and work camp during WWII. Although it was not death camp like Auschwitz, many people died there due to disease. Some of the earlier tombstones have names on them, but as the numbers in the camp grew and disease swept through many were originally buried in mass graves. Their remains were later moved to this memorial site so the majority have only numbers on the grave markers. As the sisters at Doksany told us it was a very sad time in the history of this area and they continue to pray for healing.

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  1. Interestingly, Bonnie and I were returning to our hotel Monday night after dinner at the Reichstag restaurant (known as “Kafer”) and who should be walking by but the Umhofers! Out of the blue we crossed paths (I made sure they knew Bonnie was my wife . . .). Small world! Elf

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