Strahov Abbey in Prague

I visited this abbey in 2007 and I have to admit at that time I really had no idea just how large the entire complex was. Since that time the Norbertines at Strahov have created an entire gallery of art and artifacts that is now open to the public for tours, and it includes this wonderful scale model of the abbey, the church and the buildings surrounding it.

This side chapel is dedicated to St. Norbert and the sarcophagus containing his remains is here above the altar.

One of the novices who speaks some English gave us a tour of the beautiful libraries and gardens, but I will have to double check the spelling of his name and edit this post when I know I have it right!

The tour concluded with lunch at the St. Norbert Brewery Restaurant on the abbey grounds. At one time the beer was actually brewed at the abbey. That is no longer in operation but the beer is still brewed in the area and sold at this restaurant.

This last photo is for Mark, my dear husband who stayed behind to take care of our house and pets while I’m off on this adventure with my SNC colleagues. He told me that one of his favorite parts of this blog is the food, so I had to include one of the duck we had for lunch today!

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