Prague City Tour

Hans drove us to the top of the hill above the Prague Castle but after that the entire tour was on foot. Fortunately it was all downhill from there! We followed Marcela and her peach colored scarf on a stick as we made our way through all the historic sites with several other groups of tourists.

We saw the changing of the castle guards and then spent some time seeing the the St. Vitus Cathedral from all angles, although as you can see almost everywhere you look your eye is drawn upward!

Bonnie and Eliot Elfner were representing SNC and Green Bay for us nicely, pictured here at one of the scenic overlook stops on the path down to the Charles Bridge from the castle complex.

I thought this was a cool view and it shows how really steep this hillside is, so I stopped to snap a photo.

Above is Bill Hyland posing in front of St. Norbert’s statue on the Charles Bridge, and below is the view looking back up the hill. You can see the twin towers of Strahov Abbey almost in the center of the photo. We’ll be going back there tomorrow morning for a tour and lunch before we leave for Berlin.

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