The Sisters at Vrbove

We spent most of the day yesterday in Slovakia with the most amazing group of Norbertine sisters in the village of Vrbove, about an hour drive north of Bratislava. The convent there has a very large garden and a small retreat center. About half of the 54 sisters currently at Vrbove are retired, but as Norbertines they are “active” sisters. Some work in schools or hospitals in the surrounding communities, while others perform social work or take the Eucharist to old or ill people in their homes. They also have a growing family of Norbertine Associates which now numbers almost 200.

Sister Hermana, pictured above with Fr. Sal and Steve and Nancy Jakups, is the Superior General of the Premonstratensian Sisters in the Czech-Moravian and Slovakian Provinces. Her office is at the Generalate in Trnava, about 20 km south of Vrbove. We made a short stop there on our way back.

In the photo above is Becky Welch with Sister Norberta, who is now 91 years old but previously worked in the farms and gardens for more than 40 years.

Because I cannot remember the names of all the sisters (and even if I could I’m sure I would never get them spelled right!) I am going to just share a few of their photos here along with some scenes from their beautiful chapel and gardens.

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