Rising from the rubble in Trnava

Sister Aquina drove ahead of us and somehow got all the cars parked in front of the Generalate in Trnava to move so we could park our bus there for a short visit!

Mike Dockry was happy to see Sister Siarda, who studied ESL at SNC in 2004!

This house was taken from the sisters by the communists in 1950, and when it was finally returned after the fall of communism in 1989 it was literally in ruins. Today only a half dozen sisters live at the house, but they have managed to renovate the living quarters and this small chapel.

Recently the sisters had the opportunity to purchase the 300+ year old house next door so they can expand their presence and their ministry in Trnava, but as you can see it is still a work in progress and it may be several years before they have enough money to finish all the needed renovations.

By this point we were pretty sure the sisters would not let us leave without one more dose of radical hospitality, so we were not surprised when they invited us into their dining room for another little snack and some more conversation.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s short post, it was really hard to leave this place. We were so inspired by these women and wished we could somehow do more to advance their work, but they simply asked us all to pray for them so I ask everyone reading this to keep these sisters in your prayers as well.

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