Don’t worry Mom, we’re not going hungry!

Once again we were treated to a hearty lunch, which in this case included a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits grown and canned by the sisters from their gardens. This wonderful soup was just the starter. It was followed by a just-picked lettuce salad and warm turkey and gravy served over rice.

And just when we thought we were done after the coffee and cake, they brought out an extraordinary ice cream cake for a second dessert course!

After lunch we moved to the other large table for some more conversation, with Sister Hermana translating for the rest of her community. She studied ESL at St. Norbert in 1998, and since then six more sisters from this community have followed in her footsteps! Some of the other sisters have studied some French, German and Russian, so a few of us were able to carry on conversations with them using our rudimentary German too.

The sisters were also happy to show us their photo albums and reminisce about the times they spent in DePere at the abbey and St. Norbert College!

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