Joe Greene is a Sprinter

I got my paper back from my ancient wisdom class, and I got a B so I am pumped. The St. Norbert Men’s Hockey team won another national championship! Back to back! That is especially amazing because they lost like 11 seniors from last year, and still got the job done. Props to them.

For St. Patties day I said I was going to Chicago, which I did, and I had a blast. It was quite the experience. Downtown Chicago looking up at those buildings was crazy. I went to a bunch of Irish pubs during the day, then my friends and I made our way to Wrigley which was sick. It is really nice place. I think I could write a hilarious book on my experience in Chicago, but now is just not the time.

This past week was really exciting, since I joined track haha. I was very sore from practice all week, and could hardly keep up, but I’m definitely getting better. We also had a meet this Saturday in Ripon, and it was fun. I run short sprints by the way, so for the meet I ran the 100 and 200 meter dash and 4 by 100 relay. I do a great job out of the blocks and grab a little lead, but I don’t have any long stride turn over, so people catch up. It was fun though, and I didn’t get last in anything. Not bad for my first track meet ever.

As for class I didn’t have much, but this week I have an exam for history, and next week I have an 8 page paper due. Plus, this Thursday I am leaving for a diversity conference in Indianapolis so I have take my test early, meaning less study time. I think I’ll do well though. Guess that is all that I have for now. This is Joe Green up to date. Thank you and good day.

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Spring Break

Missed a few weeks here so I’m going to have to give a little recap.

I believe in my last blog I was talking about some exams and a paper I had. My two exams went well, but I thought I was going to do better. I got a B/C on one and a B on another, but on my stats test I thought I was for sure getting and A. My paper I have not received yet, which I am not too excited to obtain, since I haven’t written a paper in ages, although I will be sure to let you know how I did. After all those tests my next week was quite chill. Basically I had to show up for class, and take a quiz here and a quiz there.


Besides my chill classes that week, I went to our men’s hockey playoff game against St. Thomas. I hate St. Thomas, which is why I am glad we made them look like little boys out on the ice. We dominated them. The hockey team had another game this last Saturday in which they won again, so this week of spring break they are in New York and only two games away from another national championship. It’s sick how well these guys play together.

Like I said it’s spring break, so we have the whole week off. I don’t have those high dollas to be somewhere in Florida, Texas, Cali or Mexico, so I am working on campus this week. Although St. Patrick’s Day is coming up so I am going to Chi-town to stay with some of my football brothers, and enjoy a St. Patties day celebration. I’ve never had the luxury to spend quality time in such a big city…so I am all pumped up.  Well I guess that is it for now. This is Joe Green up to date…keep it great n don’t hate.

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Aight here is the scoop.

Last week I told you that I had a math test…well I dominated it, and it felt good. That is until I realized that I have an exam for European history Monday, and test for statistics on Tuesday, and paper for Ancient Wisdom due Wednesday. Ugh. I am doing ok though. I am well prepared for my test in history, and with a little bit of studying for stats, I am pretty sure I can pull off an A. As for ancient wisdom, I need to do a little more work, but I am going to absorb that information tomorrow. I have a challenging week, but I am actually excited for it. This semester has been pretty chill so I feel it’s about time for a challenge.
Outside of class I have not been doing much except trying to keep on track with classes while continuing to exercise. The weather has not permitted much skating, but it is Friday, and its cold enough once again so I might get on this ice tonight. Other than that, I really do not have much to talk about, thus I thank you and this is Joe Green up to date. Stay up!

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I’m Back!

Wow! Long time no blog, but no worries I’m back. I had a great break in which I stayed on campus and worked, while I lifted weights and hung out with friends that were also on campus.
I have all new classes now, which are not exactly what I hoped for but they will suffice for this semester. For classes I have calculus, which isn’t difficult thus far, but I am making it harder than it has to be since I am not studying enough. I am also taking basic statistics, which is quite confusing, but I am getting a grasp on it. My third class is European history, which I do not have much to say about yet, and my last class is ancient wisdom. Ancient wisdom is interesting, but not clear cut, in which means I am not exactly sure what I should focus on, but it hope things become clearer over time.
I have been learning how to ice skate over the past few weeks, and it’s extremely fun. I am also getting very good. We have a rink on campus that doesn’t have the best ice, but it is fun to play a little pick up hockey on. Since the weather doesn’t permit out door hockey, a few friends and I will make our way to the indoor rink at corner stone. I also have my own skates, and stick now…so I am pretty legit at this point, haha. Although I might be a little high on myself I have to give credit to those that play organized hockey because playing hockey is a workout and a half. I can’t imagine playing three periods. Playing hockey and skating in general works out muscle that I rarely use. I noticed that the more I skate the stronger my ankles get, and I have a lot of problems with my ankles because I have flat feet…so its nice spending more time on the ice than the training room.
That it for now, and this is Joe Green up to date. Thanks.

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Winter Break

Happy New Year everybody Joe Green back again writing you over break. When I finished my finals I stayed on campus to work for the week, and then went home for about two weeks for Christmas and New Year. Christmas was great, and the food as always was da bomb. As for the New Year, it too was a wonderful time. Even though I had to work on the New Year it was still an eventful night, and I wouldn’t call it much of work, since I played music, got free drinks, and made $250. Can you say, “Go DJ…ya that’s my DJ.” Anyway, I have returned to campus to work over the rest of the break. It’s such a fun time here. I work during the week with two of my great friends on the football team who are both offensive linemen, and like any O-linemen they are big, funny, occasionally smelly, and definitely know how to keep the day interesting! After work I usually lift, go for a run, and occasionally I take a nap, but I try to avoid that as much as possible, though it is very difficult! I wish I had taken a class but the j term classes here have to be paid for up front, and the cost for a J-term class seemingly sky rocketed to like $1800. That’s a little too much for a student like me.
Oh, and I forgot to talk about my final grades, which were good except for one grade. I got a B in a class that I should have gotten an A in, but I have yet to receive reasoning of this from my professor, although I’m not surprised because she’s much more difficult to get a hold of than any other of my past professors. Every professor on this campus can at least email back or say why they cannot at the moment but then they eventually will. I mean yes, I’m sour toward her for giving me that grade, but I am being fair and honest in saying what I have. Anyway, in my other classes I got my projected grade and it felt great. All I talked about was a 3 point something this semester, but it got rubbed in the dirt by a big B, haha. I can’t change the past. Next semester I’ll get that 3 point. This Joe Green up to date, and I humbly thank you.

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Finishing Up Classes

Wasup wasup wasup everybody. Yup, it’s me Joe Green back again to spread the word. To start off I would like to mention that I am not using my computer to write this blog so I do not know exactly what I was talking about in my last blog, although I am going to do my best to remember. So, last blog I believe I was going to let you all know how did on a few exams. I had a psych exam, which was not any improvement, but it was ok. I have a psych final coming up next week that I hope to dominate, but either way I think I am going to get a C in the class. As for my math exam I believe I was talking about, I got my second highest score of the semester. I also had a quiz in math this week, which I got a B on, and I already know that I am going to get an A/B in the class. I mean, I do wish it was an A, but I am proud to say I got an A/B. As for Comp Vert, I think I already told you that I did great on my last lecture exam. As for this week, I had my lab final and only got one answer wrong, which I should not have if only I would have looked at the chalk board. On the board it said “for question number 37 name the region that this structure is located in.” and I simply named the structure because I didn’t bother to read the board like a fool. It’s all good though because I have an A in the class, and we only have our lecture final left. I believe I could do considerably poor on this lecture final and still get an A although I still plan to dominate it. I can’t forget that I have a presentation today for my comp vert class. I’m pretty nervous because I get a little bit of stage fright.
Besides classes, I have been lifting weights, playing some basketball here and there. I have intramural basketball next semester and my team and I plan on going to the ship. As for my job, I really haven’t had time to work yet because the end of the semester is so busy, but I am going to work over break and all next semester. I also may be getting involved in coaching youth flag football, which would be the stuff. I guess that’s about everything, and I hope that didn’t forget to recap on anything from my last blog. With that, I would like to say this is Joe Green up to date, and thank you.

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After Turning 21

Long time no blog! November 14th was my 21st birthday, which I will just say was a great time. The only bad thing about turning 21 was that I kind of fell off track with classes There was nothing too serious, but I missed notes that I had to get from classmates and learn a lot more information from the book, which takes longer. Either way I feel like I am pretty well caught up and ready to dig in for the next two weeks until finals.

Not to forget, in my last blog I was wondering about how well I did on my last comp vert lecture exam. I got it back and I got an A/B. We only have a final Lab, and lecture exam left for that class.

The week of November 14-18 I didn’t have any exams or much homework. My only big assignment was a math paper due the 18. I got the paper done, but I still haven’t received it back. Even though I didn’t have much work that week, I should have been looking ahead and anticipating the next week because usually everything piles up, but it was a short week having off for Thanksgiving. That Monday before break I had another test for psych, which I know wasn’t any improvement, and a quiz for math, that I know I should have done better on. It’s a real let down, to know you made life harder for yourself, and its all your fault. The thing is you cant let it keep you down; learn from your mistakes, let them motivate you to fight through adversity, and win the battle.

Over Thanksgiving break I hung out with my long lost friends back home, and of course my family. I also tried studying and working ahead, but my environment at home is so much different that it made it difficult to be productive. Either way, break was great and we only have a few more weeks until our next break.

Now it’s Tuesday the 29 of November. I have my last math exam this Friday before finals that I am going to dominate. I will let you all know the outcome next week and how I do on my last psych exam and math paper. This is Joe Green up to date and thank you all so very much for reading.

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End of Football

What up what up! So last week I was talking about my exams for comp vert, abnormal psychology, and math. I still have not received my comp vert exam, and it’s making me a little anxious. For my psych test I got an average score, which is better than my last two tests, but I thought I did better. We only have two more regular exams until the final and I need to get at least 90’s to get a B or above. As for my math exam I got another high B but I really want, and need, an A on this next exam. I have a B in the class but if I get an A on the next exam, I will have an A/B in the class. I have an A in comp vert; if I get a B in psych, and an A/B in math, that will average to a 3.5 for the semester, which would be sick! It’s crazy to imagine myself getting a 3.5 for the semester, but then again it really shouldn’t because that’s what I need to guarantee graduate school. The semester is not over yet and I do not want to count my chickens before they’re hatched; I still have a lot more work to do.

This weekend I had my last game of the 2011 football season. I had another great game, and we dominated. It was a really fun game and I am going to miss all of our seniors. They were the greatest group of guys, and they made this season more fun than it’s ever been. We have not had practice for three days now that the seasons over, and I have gone out of my way to visit most of the seniors everyday haha! I got a little more time to spare now that I do not have practice for 3 to 4 hours a day. It is also so much easier to get my busy work done throughout the day. I have an on-campus job now too that I am going to start Monday. Anyway, this is Joe Green up to date. Deuces.

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Best College Career Game

Sorry everyone. I missed my last blog, and I am a little late with this blog, but last week was crazy, and its continued into this week.

To quickly recap, in my last blog I was talking about my psych test, which I didn’t think I did very well on, and that was the case, although I passed.

Now last week I had a bunch of psych assignments, math assignments which were very difficult, and I also had some comp. vert. assignments. In that same week I had a lab practical, which was to be my most difficult practical this semester. I also had a math quiz on Friday as usual. I got 4 wrong on my lab practical, which were dumb mistakes, but I still did very well, and as for my math quiz I also did very well.

After last week ended we had a home football game Saturday against Grinnell College and I had one of the best games of my college career thus far. I ran back my first punt return ever, but it was called back for a block in the back, which was a horrible call. The block did not effect the play, and was no where near the play. It was a little push in the back where the opponent did not fall or pay any attention to the push. Either way I had 200 plus yards, and 3 touch downs, so it was a great game.

I was supposed to have two exams this Monday. One for psych, and one for comp vert. My comp vert exam was on the lecture portion of the class. Last week, I already knew that I was to have two exams Monday so I asked my professor for psych if I could take his exam Tuesday. My psych professor approved, since it is extremely difficult to study after a game, and on a Saturday; especially a Halloween weekend Saturday as it was. I also new that Sunday was not going to last longer then any other day, or, in other words, there simply was not a sufficient amount of time to study for both exams on Sunday. I also have football Sunday mornings from 10 to like 1. Thus, Saturday I did not do much, and went to bed early. Sunday after football I studied for comp vert. as long as I could, and I think I did very well on the test. All day Monday after class and football meetings I studied for psych as long as I could, and I think I did much, much better than my last two psych exams. It’s Wednesday now, and I will be focusing the rest of my week toward math, since I have a math test this Friday.

I would like to once again apologize for missing my last blog, but this week and last week have been my most challenging weeks and this week still isn’t over. I hope all of my hard work pays off, and I will be sure to inform you all of the outcome. More importantly I hope that this blog fills in all the gaps, and that you all enjoyed it. This is Joe Green up to date.


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So last time I was talking about my up coming tests for psych and math. Math went surprisingly well, since I did not get to study all the material thoroughly because I did not realize how many sections were on this test until I found a reminder in my notes. I found that reminder an hour before the test, and, after reading the reminder, it became apparent that I hadn’t studies four sections. Despite not reviewing those sections, I still got an AB. As for my psych test, I have not gotten it back yet, but I am almost positive it is going to be ugly. This test was much harder than the last test, and a bunch of information on it wasn’t even emphasized by our teacher. So, abnormal psych is really getting the best of me. I have another lab practical for comp vert next week, and I feel excited. I really like the lab aspect of that class.


Besides class, I have been playing football, and hanging with the guys here and there. Our team actually just had our home coming football game this last Saturday, which we won against Carroll. Before the game there was a parade to the stadium, in which all the sororities and fraternities had these hilarious floats, and then our whole football followed two by two all the way to the stadium. It was fun. That’s all I got… so, this is Joe Green up to date. Thank you and talk to you lata.

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