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Easter Break

Easter break has been absolutely amazing so far. My dad and brother arrived Friday afternoon as well as my best friend Liz who goes to college in Albion, Michigan. She decided to visit for Easter at the last minute because flights back to Florida were too expensive and she has no family up here. When everyone arrived we went to a local restaurant called the Abbey that is right next to campus and enjoyed a fish fry and a few games of pool. I showed everyone around campus and then had to head to work for a few hours before I could hang out with everyone. On Saturday my brother, Liz and I went to Nicolet, a small town diner with amazing breakfast food, to grab a bite to eat. Then we headed over to Lambeau field to view the Packers Hall of Fame and the pro shop. As for my Easter plans, I drove into Appleton for church with the family and then had dinner with all my relatives. It was wonderful to be up here with the whole family and to spend time with my friend who I rarely see anymore. School is off again on Monday so I’ll be using that time to research a debate topic for my media ethics course. The topic is stereotypes in television and movies, so I have quite a bit of work to prepare myself for. Also, this Friday is my management group’s Knight Owl event that we’ve been preparing for the past month. Hopefully a lot of people come because we’re raising money for Special Olympics. Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Happy Easter!

Vacation is Over

I had an amazing time during spring break. I went home to Florida for a few days, then spent the rest of my time in the Bahamas. I stayed in Nassau at a resort right next to Atlantis. As good as it was to have time off; it’s been just as hard getting back into school mode. I wish vacation could have lasted longer but now there’s only six weeks until summer so I’m counting down the Friday’s until I get there.
This past week I’ve had four exams and a huge marketing assignment to work on. I tried to prepare myself over break, but the beach was way too relaxing to worry about a thing. It would be nice to look forward to the weekend for some time off, but I have to work Friday and Saturday night, and Sunday during the day. To top it off, I have a media ethics paper due on Monday. All of this talking about work to do isn’t so interesting, but an exciting thing I’m looking forward to is Easter. My Dad and Brother are driving my car up from Tampa for me to have for the rest of the year and summer.  I’m excited because I’ll be able to show them around campus and spend time with them over the break.
As for my summer plans, I’m applying to resorts at the Wisconsin Dells to hopefully find an available internship that’s related to Public Relations or Communication. So far I haven’t heard back but I plan on calling soon and setting up an appointment or interview. That’s all I have to say for now, hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!

Spring Break

Well it’s finally here, one of my favorite times during second semester… Spring Break!  I’m heading to the airport in a few minutes to fly home to Florida for a few days, and then I’m off to spend some time in the Bahamas.  My mother owns her own travel website so she and I are taking a business trip down there to write stories and take photographs of activities there.  On a less happy note, my kitty back home passed away this week.  I’ve had her since I was just four years-old, it will be sad to go home without seeing her.  To top that off, my parents have already found two new cats for the house.  I’m not sure how I feel about that yet.

The school week went by very slowly, I had a management exam on Tuesday and then nothing else due all week,  so there wasn’t much to keep me busy. I’ve got my hands full of work to do over spring break though, I have three exams when I get back, plus a marketing assignment due.  Well, I better get going, almost time to get to the airport. Talk to you in a few weeks, enjoy spring!

How is it March Already?!

Once again the weeks are flying by faster than expected. The Soul Food Dinner I attended last Saturday was a blast.  The food was awesome and the message about community and spending more time with others was rejuvenating.  After the dinner I attended the Untouchables ( a social group on campus) dance with a few close friends.  We had an awesome time getting off campus and enjoying some new friends’ company.  As for my classes, I did surprisingly well on my marketing exam.  I received a B, which is much better than last time.  My management class today had a Career Services worker train us on interviews and how we should act during them.

As for this upcoming weekend, I’ll be working at Knights on Main, a local pub and restauruant where I’ve recently begun serving and bartending part time.  It’s refreshing to get out of the general campus lifestyle and I love having a chance to talk to new exciting people.  Well, I wish I could write more but I’ve got to get heading to work.  Until next time…

Waiting for the snow to melt……

My weeks are flying by faster than expected.  February is almost over and before I know it May will be here and then summer!  The past few days have been pretty exciting for me.  Monday I began training at Knights on Main as a bartender and it was nice to get off campus and meet some new people.  Tuesday night was my friend Matt’s birthday, so I baked him a cake and we went out for dinner to celebrate.
My course work this week wasn’t too heavy, but this weekend I’ll be working on a Media Ethics paper and studying for my second Marketing test.  Hopefully I can prepare myself better for this one then I did for the last one.  The class average was a low C and I’d like to get at least a B this time around.  Today is my friend Lindsey’s birthday and we were planning on ordering pizza and celebrating in my room, but my boss called and said I have to work at 6 tonight, so we’re rescheduling our plans.  Tomorrow night I’m attending the Soul for Food dinner on campus with a few friends. It should be a good time.
This coming week I’m hoping for some warm weather, a night out to dinner with my boyfriend, and a few evenings where I don’t have school work so I can relax and hang out with my friends.  Oh, and spring break is only 2 weeks away.  That I am definitely looking forward to.  That’s all the time I have for now, have a great weekend!

Study, Study, Study

Well this week was just as hectic as I expected.  Tuesday I had my Management exam, Thursday was my Technological Changes in Social Communication exam, and I just took my Media Ethics exam.  Only two more classes and it’s finally the weekend!  This past week I spent most of my time studying for my exams in the library.  I also set up an appointment at the writing center on campus to help me formulate the research paper that I have to do for my technology class that I mentioned earlier.  I find it extremely helpful to talk to someone and get input before starting a huge paper like the one I have to do.  What’s great about the writing center is the fact that they’re open until 10pm almost every night and it’s completely free.

This Tuesday there is a Career Fair being held in the Campus Center.  My roommate and I are planning on going together to try and find some internships or jobs for the summer.  Lucky for me, my management teacher had assigned the class to create a resume last week, so I now have a fairly short, but professional, looking resume that I can hand out to prospective employers.  As for what I’m looking forward to, I can’t wait to lay down on my bed and relax my brain for a few hours.  Then I’ll decide what my plans are for the weekend. Well, until next time…

Valentines Day Weekend

This past week was rather hectic for me. I had my first marketing exam which was much more difficult than expected. I suppose next time I’ll have to study without my music and television on. In my technological communications class I chose a topic for the end of the year research paper. I’ve decided to write on peer-to-peer file sharing, mainly focusing on the impact of sharing music through torrents and online files and the impact that has on the media. Hopefully I’ll be able to find enough sources for this paper. My teacher is expecting at least 20 credible sources for the final draft. My grade for the J-term class I took was finally posted online, and although I didn’t get an A+, I still passed with a pretty good grade. This semester my workload is pretty heavy and I’ve already been spending some quality time at the library researching and studying, but at least we have the awesome new building to indulge in.
Lately I’ve been spending a lot of my time playing my guitar, well, practicing to say the least. I find it calming and the perfect break from studying. A few years ago my brother taught himself how to play and now he can flawlessly play almost any song you request. My theory is if he can do it, why not me? So since this summer I’ve been tediously attempting to make some good sounding noise and have finally reached an acceptable standard, at least based on my judgment. I’ve yet to actually play in front of more than my brother and roommates, but maybe one day he and I will be good enough to perform at a show.
This Sunday is Valentine’s Day; I don’t have any crazy plans for it though. My boyfriend Scott and I are planning on cooking dinner at his house and watching a movie. From past experience I’ve realized that attempting to go out to dinner on V-day is as difficult as passing calculus. This weekend I am looking forward to baking some treats for my friends and having some down time before next week bombards me with three exams and a paper. Well, that’s all the time I have for now. Enjoy you’re weekend!

First Week Back

So my winter break went exceptionally fast and I now find myself back in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin.  My six weeks at home went extremely well.  I had family visiting for the holidays, as well as my boyfriend and my brother’s girlfriend.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and the weather was beyond perfect.  I spent most my time during the break working on my online computer business class that I took.  St. Norbert offers J-term courses that can be taken either on campus, or over the internet.  It was extremely convenient to be at home in Tampa while completing a four credit course.

Now that I’m back at school, things have picked up right where they left off. Except I have all new classes.  I’m now enrolled in marketing concepts, foundations of management, media ethics, and communication technology and social change.  My four classes equal 16 credits, which is a full workload here at St.Norbert, so I’ll have a decently busy schedule for the year.  I’m looking forward to the assignments and projects that I am already starting to work on in some of them, I’ll mention more about that as I figure out what I’ll be doing.

That’s all I have time for right now, but I’ll keep you updated about what’s going on for next week. Hope you all enjoy the Super Bowl this Sunday, I’m unbiased as to who will win, but it will be fun to watch all the new commercials.

The Last Day of First Semester Class!

This semester is just a few hours from over. After today finals are the only thing left before I’m homeward bound. This past week has been crazy with cramming in the last few chapters in all my courses. But what really made this week memorable was the blizzard that we experienced Tuesday night into Wednesday.  St.Norbert canceled classes on Wednesday because of the extreme weather conditions, which meant that I experienced my very first snow day. Unfortunately, it was too cold for me to play outside, so I was huddled up in my room preparing for finals.
This weekend I’m heading up to Iron Mountain, Michigan with my friend Katie to spend some quiet time away from school. We’re planning on studying and baking Christmas cookies while we’re there. Exactly seven days left until winter break is officially here. Hope you’re staying warm, have a great weekend!

First Day of Snow!

This morning when I woke up there was snow on the ground. I am always amazed by the beauty it creates, but once I step outside, I question why the air is so cold and everything is frozen. Even though it’s my second Wisconsin winter, I’m still getting used to the effects it has on me.

Last week was Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful to spend a few days back home with the family. My mom found me an inexpensive flight down to Tampa, so I was home Wednesday to Friday. Surprisingly, for the three days I was back home I didn’t leave the house once. The weather was beautiful so I sat by my pool and breathed in the warmth.

Saturday morning, when I returned to campus, it was pretty deserted. Everyone was still at home so I took the quiet time to finish up two papers that were due on Monday. The past week was pretty relaxed with school work, but I have been very busy putting up Christmas decorations in my dorm room. My roommates and I all love the holidays, so we have lights and decorations everywhere. It really makes the room feel more like home.

Well, that’s all for now. Time to go shuffle through the snow to class. Have a good one!