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Busy Times

These past weeks have been pretty hectic for me, both in school and just life in general. I’ve been working on a presentation for my communications course that I did rather well on. Also, my religion course requires much attention to reading daily as well as weekly essays on topics discussed in class. We’ve now […]


Homecoming Homecoming weekend was a blast here on campus. The dance was on Friday night, and although everyone wasn’t there, enough of my friends stopped in for a good time. On Saturday morning I was woken early by the parade that gathered right by my apartment, so I decided to wake up and attend the […]

Long Weekend

Last week I spent my days sitting outside in the sun, enjoying time with the family, and visiting a few old friends back home. It was wonderful to have long weekend off and to spend time with everyone that I rarely see. Once Monday came around it was time to get back into school mode, […]

The weeks are going by faster…

It’s crazy how the time has been flying by this year. I once heard someone say that as the years go on they become shorter and shorter. Now I finally understand what he meant. This past week I was so busy with school work, readings and working that it felt shorter than a day. Friday […]

Another Year Back at Norbs…

Before I get started on how it is to be back at school, I’ll give a quick recap of my Summer. I went home for a few days at the end of May to have my wisdom teeth removed. Then I headed back up to De Pere to see all my Senior friends graduate from […]

Almost Summer…

So I’ve finally finished my last week of classes. I did excellent on my debate, I scored a 91% on my Marketing Plan, and hopefully my research paper went well. Now I’m studying for three finals and I’ll be done for the year. I haven’t talked much about intramural volleyball, but my team had a […]

Finishing up the Semester

This past week I was crazy busy preparing for a debate on Thursday with my media ethics group. All of the hard work paid off though because we ended up winning and receiving an A for the project as well as bonus points for destroying the other team. Since then I’ve been focusing on my […]

Almost Done…

Starting Monday we have two weeks of school to go. As much as I’m looking forward to the summer, I sort of want the year to keep going. I have a group of senior friends who will all be graduating, as well as my boyfriend, so it’ll be weird to have them gone once the […]

Time to Slow Down…

I realized the other day that there’s only five weekends left in this semester. It is pretty crazy how quickly the year has passed. My interview in the Dells this past weekend went amazingly well. The representative from the Kalahari can’t tell me if I’m hired until the beginning of May, so I decided to […]

Busy Week

This week has been the most hectic one yet, and the weekend will be even crazier. The event my management group and I organized at the Knight Owl is tonight at 9pm, so all week my team and I have been working hard to prepare for everything we are doing. The event is a fundraiser […]