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Busy Times

These past weeks have been pretty hectic for me, both in school and just life in general. I’ve been working on a presentation for my communications course that I did rather well on. Also, my religion course requires much attention to reading daily as well as weekly essays on topics discussed in class. We’ve now gained a background of the Judaism religion and are focusing primarily on the Holocaust at the moment. I’m truly amazed at all the information I lacked prior to taking this course. A majority of the students were equally as uninformed as me, but now we can understand more than just the basics of what occurred during those horrible years.
As for life, I’ve been occupied working four nights a week and spending the other three nights catching up on homework and reading. I wouldn’t suggest having a busy job for first or second year students, but now that I’ve gained a better sense of time management I feel that I have a better understanding of what needs to get done and when.
This week I booked my flight over to Dublin for next semester. I’ll be staying in the city for four months, and then after my classes are completed I’m planning on traveling across Europe through different countries while visiting my friends that are abroad in other places. A few of my close friends will be in Manchester, London, Toledo, and Rome; I’m super excited to have a chance to visit them.
That’s about all that’s going on at the moment; hope everyone had a Happy Halloween, until next time…

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