Long Weekend

Last week I spent my days sitting outside in the sun, enjoying time with the family, and visiting a few old friends back home. It was wonderful to have long weekend off and to spend time with everyone that I rarely see. Once Monday came around it was time to get back into school mode, so I had to work extra hard to get my act together. I received a few scores back from my Judaism and Christianity class, I scored an A plus on my midterm paper. As for my business communication exam that was this past week, I received an AB. So far the most difficult course I’m in is accounting, but hopefully my time I’ve spent at the TA hours will help, as well as the extra focus that I’m giving the class.
I’m extremely excited about this weekend. My parents flew up last night and are in town visiting family. Sunday we’ll be attending the Dolphin vs. Packers game. It seems that every year I find a way to get to Lambeau field. That’s definitely an advantage of going to school so close to the stadium.
I’ve got to get going, class starts in a few minutes…until next time

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