The weeks are going by faster…

It’s crazy how the time has been flying by this year. I once heard someone say that as the years go on they become shorter and shorter. Now I finally understand what he meant. This past week I was so busy with school work, readings and working that it felt shorter than a day. Friday was my first accounting test and I wish I could have prepared myself a bit more for it. Also, my other courses demanded some hard work from me. My business communications course professor demanded a cover letter and resume due, and for my religion course I had a paper to turn in as well.
The combination of school and work has left little time for my social life. Yet my roommates and I do find a few nights to spend watching movies and just relaxing from the stressful days that we come across.
My application for Dublin is nearly finalized; all that is left is the approval process. I’m incredibly excited to go abroad and have been planning on the other countries and destination spots in Europe that I will be planning to travel to.
Well that’s all the time I have for now….

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