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Another Year Back at Norbs…

Before I get started on how it is to be back at school, I’ll give a quick recap of my Summer. I went home for a few days at the end of May to have my wisdom teeth removed. Then I headed back up to De Pere to see all my Senior friends graduate from Norbert. It was a nice ceremony, but the gym was unbearably hot. After a few days of relaxing with some friends, I moved out to the Dells and began working for the summer. The experience I had as a front desk receptionist and waitress was definitely a good one. Now I have a better insight as to what I don’t want to do. I can’t complain about that though because the money was good, and I’ve saved up plenty of traveling money to take over to Spain in the Spring while studying abroad.
Now that the summer is over and I’m back at Norbs, it feels as if I’ve finally come back home. I’ve heard older students, now Alumni, speak of this place being their home, but up until now I’ve never truly understood what they mean. The people are what make me feel welcome, but the campus is also welcoming and peaceful.
My classes are diverse this semester, as well as interesting. I’m enrolled in Spanish 102, Financial Accounting, Judaism and Christianity, and Business and Professional Speaking. I haven’t had such a spread out genre of courses since my freshman year, and it’s rewarding to learn different information. Some may say that the General Education courses we have here are unimportant and a “waste of time” but I’ve found that my upper level religion course is already going to be interesting. As for taking Spanish, it’s not necessary to have a foreign language course, but since I plan to study abroad in Madrid this coming semester, I’ve been told that having a good foundation helps with living in a foreign country.
This weekend I don’t have too much planned. I’ll be working on my application to study abroad which will be due in a few weeks, and I’ll start some assignments for my classes. The workload isn’t too heavy yet but I can feel the professors slowly starting to pile it on. Besides coursework, I’ll be working at Knights as a bartender again. I’m looking forward to next weekend when my boyfriend will be up to visit and I’ll be able to get together with some old friends from around town.
Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Hope everyone had a good summer.
Take it easy…

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