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Almost Summer…

So I’ve finally finished my last week of classes. I did excellent on my debate, I scored a 91% on my Marketing Plan, and hopefully my research paper went well. Now I’m studying for three finals and I’ll be done for the year. I haven’t talked much about intramural volleyball, but my team had a great season. We only lost one game, and we won the first round of playoffs but had to forfeit our second game because not enough players could make it.

The most stressing thing I have to worry about right now is getting moved out of my room by Wednesday. My flight leaves for Orlando at 4pm so I need to have all my stuff out of the res hall and to my grandma’s house by then. Unfortunately, my parents won’t be able to help me out like so many other students, so I’ll be trying to find a few lending hands that aren’t too busy studying or moving their own stuff out to help me.

It’s pretty crazy that the year is over, it seems just the other day I was packing my bags for the first day of college, and now I’m nearly a junior. Some advice I would like to leave with you potential St.Norbert students:
Don’t be afraid to befriend people the second you meet them. The friendlier you are the better off you will be. Freshman year is the best time to make new friends. When I first arrived on campus I knew two people; one friend who I had met on facebook and the girl’s basketball coach. Now I have countless friends who mean the world to me. So be outgoing, have fun, and don’t hesitate to meet new people.

Also, remember to give your parents a call every so often to remind them you’re doing fine. At the start of my freshman year, my parents would call every few weeks and check up on me, but they loved it so much more to hear from me instead. So remember where you came from and how you got where you are because there’s always a reason why you made it to where you are.

That’s all for the year, enjoy the summer and have fun!

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