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Finishing up the Semester

This past week I was crazy busy preparing for a debate on Thursday with my media ethics group. All of the hard work paid off though because we ended up winning and receiving an A for the project as well as bonus points for destroying the other team. Since then I’ve been focusing on my research paper on peer-to-peer file sharing that is due tomorrow morning. So far I have about eleven pages written, but I still need to write at least six pages for all the content to be covered.

My weekend was filled with work. Friday night I worked at Knights until we closed. Then Saturday morning I woke up, packed a bag and left for the Dells to begin training for the job I’ll have this summer. I was pretty surprised by the people I’ll be working with, but I get along well with the manager and everyone is friendly, so it should be a good time. Training was pretty standard, they covered the basics of making reservations and checking people in. The summer will be pretty repetitive for me, but the pay will be good, and hopefully I can keep an optimistic spirit about things.

Today begins the last week of classes for the semester. Everything is winding down and my professors are preparing us for finals. After tomorrow I’ll begin working on a marketing plan I have to create for my marketing class. I’m creating a plan for Family Travel Files. It’s my family’s company that we’ve been running for about 10 years now. My mom is going to help me with the finite points, and then hopefully I can figure the rest out for myself.

Well, aside from that I’m just really looking forward to having finals over with. Next Wednesday I’ll be flying home to Tampa for a few days. But unfortunately it won’t be much of a break because I’ll be having my wisdom teeth pulled. That’s all for now…have a good week.

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