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Almost Done…

Starting Monday we have two weeks of school to go. As much as I’m looking forward to the summer, I sort of want the year to keep going. I have a group of senior friends who will all be graduating, as well as my boyfriend, so it’ll be weird to have them gone once the year is over.

This week I’ve been meeting with my media ethics group to prepare for a debate we have on Thursday. Our topic covers stereotypes in the media; I’m specializing in the stereotypes of minorities in television and movies. Researching the topic has taken some time, but now I have to prepare myself to memorize the information I’ve found and to be ready to debate the information that the other team has.

My communication technology and social change research paper is due in a week. I’ve yet to start it, but I have prepared all my sources and am hoping it won’t be too difficult. I mentioned previously that my topic is about peer-to-peer file sharing and the technologies that have made it happen. My paper needs to be at least 15 pages and must have 20 sources; it sounds more difficult than it is.

I met with my advisor on Wednesday to discuss the courses I can take for next year. I’ve decided I’ll be taking financial accounting, business and professional speaking, Judaism and Christianity, as well as Spanish 102. I’ve been speaking with the study abroad office about my chances to go to Spain next year and so far everything’s been working out well. I just need to prepare myself in Spanish a lot more before I get over there. Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Have a good weekend!

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