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Time to Slow Down…

I realized the other day that there’s only five weekends left in this semester. It is pretty crazy how quickly the year has passed. My interview in the Dells this past weekend went amazingly well. The representative from the Kalahari can’t tell me if I’m hired until the beginning of May, so I decided to apply at Mount Olympus Hotel Rome for a front desk position as well. An interview was set up for me immediately and within five minutes of speaking with the manager I was offered a position. After being hired I was feeling very lucky, so as I was finding my way back onto the highway, I pulled into a restaurant called Houllihans. I applied for a waitress and bartending position. The manager interviewed me and after the interview me she offered me a job. Basically, within an hour and a half I was hired for two full time positions for the summer.
My excitement has dwindled since the first impact, but I’m still happy that I’ve scored two decent jobs for the summer. Unfortunatley, this means I’ll have hardly any summer to relax, but on the plus side I’ll be able to gain working experience in the travel business as well as save money for my semester abroad next year.
This week classes were relaxed and casual. I had a few exams, but the preparation and anxiety that used to be a reaction to the word test has lessened now that I understand how to study and prepare myself. Tuesday there was no school because of advisement day, and next Wednesday we have advisement again. I’m going to meet with my adviser on Wednesday to plan which courses I’ll take next year and to discuss what I need to do in order to study abroad in Spain. Well, that’s all the time I have for now. Have a great weekend!

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