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Busy Week

This week has been the most hectic one yet, and the weekend will be even crazier. The event my management group and I organized at the Knight Owl is tonight at 9pm, so all week my team and I have been working hard to prepare for everything we are doing. The event is a fundraiser for the Special Olympics. We will be selling hot dogs, bratwurst and nachos to raise money for the charity as well as hosting a pool, bag toss and wii bowling tournament at two dollars per team. Hopefully there is a good turn out because our grade depends on how well we do. Almost every weekend there is an event such as this at the Knight Owl for students who want to interact within the St.Norbert community and help out charities or special events.
As for course work this week, I’ve been researching for a debate in my media ethics class. It’s a hard job to find data on roles for minorities in motion pictures and television shows and to defend whether they are few and stereotypical. I’m having some trouble doing this while working four nights out of the week and with everything else that’s going on.
Tomorrow morning at 10am I have an interview at the Kalahari, a resort in the Wisconsin Dells. I’m interviewing for a front desk/receptionist position which is as close as I can get to an internship. Hopefully it goes well because I’m really trying to get a job up there this summer. I’m looking forward to next Thursday when I can sit down and relax without having to worry about anything due the next day. Until next time….

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