Waiting for the snow to melt……

My weeks are flying by faster than expected.  February is almost over and before I know it May will be here and then summer!  The past few days have been pretty exciting for me.  Monday I began training at Knights on Main as a bartender and it was nice to get off campus and meet […]

Study, Study, Study

Well this week was just as hectic as I expected.  Tuesday I had my Management exam, Thursday was my Technological Changes in Social Communication exam, and I just took my Media Ethics exam.  Only two more classes and it’s finally the weekend!  This past week I spent most of my time studying for my exams […]

Valentines Day Weekend

This past week was rather hectic for me. I had my first marketing exam which was much more difficult than expected. I suppose next time I’ll have to study without my music and television on. In my technological communications class I chose a topic for the end of the year research paper. I’ve decided to […]

First Week Back

So my winter break went exceptionally fast and I now find myself back in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin.  My six weeks at home went extremely well.  I had family visiting for the holidays, as well as my boyfriend and my brother’s girlfriend.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and the weather was beyond perfect.  I spent most […]