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Busy Times

These past weeks have been pretty hectic for me, both in school and just life in general. I’ve been working on a presentation for my communications course that I did rather well on. Also, my religion course requires much attention to reading daily as well as weekly essays on topics discussed in class. We’ve now gained a background of the Judaism religion and are focusing primarily on the Holocaust at the moment. I’m truly amazed at all the information I lacked prior to taking this course. A majority of the students were equally as uninformed as me, but now we can understand more than just the basics of what occurred during those horrible years.
As for life, I’ve been occupied working four nights a week and spending the other three nights catching up on homework and reading. I wouldn’t suggest having a busy job for first or second year students, but now that I’ve gained a better sense of time management I feel that I have a better understanding of what needs to get done and when.
This week I booked my flight over to Dublin for next semester. I’ll be staying in the city for four months, and then after my classes are completed I’m planning on traveling across Europe through different countries while visiting my friends that are abroad in other places. A few of my close friends will be in Manchester, London, Toledo, and Rome; I’m super excited to have a chance to visit them.
That’s about all that’s going on at the moment; hope everyone had a Happy Halloween, until next time…


Homecoming weekend was a blast here on campus. The dance was on Friday night, and although everyone wasn’t there, enough of my friends stopped in for a good time. On Saturday morning I was woken early by the parade that gathered right by my apartment, so I decided to wake up and attend the football game at our new stadium. I only stayed for the first half because it was cold and rainy but we ended up winning 58-14 so that was awesome!
On Sunday I spent my time watching the football games on TV with my roommates. A few of my friends that graduated last year were in town visiting so it was fun to have them over for the Packer game.
For this week I’ll be extremely busy preparing for my presentation that I have for my Bus-Comm class. Also, I have several papers to prepare for and I still haven’t decided what to be for Halloween this coming weekend.
This semester has flown by so quickly, it’s almost thanksgiving break, and then pretty soon I’ll be able to go home for winter break!

Long Weekend

Last week I spent my days sitting outside in the sun, enjoying time with the family, and visiting a few old friends back home. It was wonderful to have long weekend off and to spend time with everyone that I rarely see. Once Monday came around it was time to get back into school mode, so I had to work extra hard to get my act together. I received a few scores back from my Judaism and Christianity class, I scored an A plus on my midterm paper. As for my business communication exam that was this past week, I received an AB. So far the most difficult course I’m in is accounting, but hopefully my time I’ve spent at the TA hours will help, as well as the extra focus that I’m giving the class.
I’m extremely excited about this weekend. My parents flew up last night and are in town visiting family. Sunday we’ll be attending the Dolphin vs. Packers game. It seems that every year I find a way to get to Lambeau field. That’s definitely an advantage of going to school so close to the stadium.
I’ve got to get going, class starts in a few minutes…until next time

The weeks are going by faster…

It’s crazy how the time has been flying by this year. I once heard someone say that as the years go on they become shorter and shorter. Now I finally understand what he meant. This past week I was so busy with school work, readings and working that it felt shorter than a day. Friday was my first accounting test and I wish I could have prepared myself a bit more for it. Also, my other courses demanded some hard work from me. My business communications course professor demanded a cover letter and resume due, and for my religion course I had a paper to turn in as well.
The combination of school and work has left little time for my social life. Yet my roommates and I do find a few nights to spend watching movies and just relaxing from the stressful days that we come across.
My application for Dublin is nearly finalized; all that is left is the approval process. I’m incredibly excited to go abroad and have been planning on the other countries and destination spots in Europe that I will be planning to travel to.
Well that’s all the time I have for now….

Another Year Back at Norbs…

Before I get started on how it is to be back at school, I’ll give a quick recap of my Summer. I went home for a few days at the end of May to have my wisdom teeth removed. Then I headed back up to De Pere to see all my Senior friends graduate from Norbert. It was a nice ceremony, but the gym was unbearably hot. After a few days of relaxing with some friends, I moved out to the Dells and began working for the summer. The experience I had as a front desk receptionist and waitress was definitely a good one. Now I have a better insight as to what I don’t want to do. I can’t complain about that though because the money was good, and I’ve saved up plenty of traveling money to take over to Spain in the Spring while studying abroad.
Now that the summer is over and I’m back at Norbs, it feels as if I’ve finally come back home. I’ve heard older students, now Alumni, speak of this place being their home, but up until now I’ve never truly understood what they mean. The people are what make me feel welcome, but the campus is also welcoming and peaceful.
My classes are diverse this semester, as well as interesting. I’m enrolled in Spanish 102, Financial Accounting, Judaism and Christianity, and Business and Professional Speaking. I haven’t had such a spread out genre of courses since my freshman year, and it’s rewarding to learn different information. Some may say that the General Education courses we have here are unimportant and a “waste of time” but I’ve found that my upper level religion course is already going to be interesting. As for taking Spanish, it’s not necessary to have a foreign language course, but since I plan to study abroad in Madrid this coming semester, I’ve been told that having a good foundation helps with living in a foreign country.
This weekend I don’t have too much planned. I’ll be working on my application to study abroad which will be due in a few weeks, and I’ll start some assignments for my classes. The workload isn’t too heavy yet but I can feel the professors slowly starting to pile it on. Besides coursework, I’ll be working at Knights as a bartender again. I’m looking forward to next weekend when my boyfriend will be up to visit and I’ll be able to get together with some old friends from around town.
Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Hope everyone had a good summer.
Take it easy…

Almost Summer…

So I’ve finally finished my last week of classes. I did excellent on my debate, I scored a 91% on my Marketing Plan, and hopefully my research paper went well. Now I’m studying for three finals and I’ll be done for the year. I haven’t talked much about intramural volleyball, but my team had a great season. We only lost one game, and we won the first round of playoffs but had to forfeit our second game because not enough players could make it.

The most stressing thing I have to worry about right now is getting moved out of my room by Wednesday. My flight leaves for Orlando at 4pm so I need to have all my stuff out of the res hall and to my grandma’s house by then. Unfortunately, my parents won’t be able to help me out like so many other students, so I’ll be trying to find a few lending hands that aren’t too busy studying or moving their own stuff out to help me.

It’s pretty crazy that the year is over, it seems just the other day I was packing my bags for the first day of college, and now I’m nearly a junior. Some advice I would like to leave with you potential St.Norbert students:
Don’t be afraid to befriend people the second you meet them. The friendlier you are the better off you will be. Freshman year is the best time to make new friends. When I first arrived on campus I knew two people; one friend who I had met on facebook and the girl’s basketball coach. Now I have countless friends who mean the world to me. So be outgoing, have fun, and don’t hesitate to meet new people.

Also, remember to give your parents a call every so often to remind them you’re doing fine. At the start of my freshman year, my parents would call every few weeks and check up on me, but they loved it so much more to hear from me instead. So remember where you came from and how you got where you are because there’s always a reason why you made it to where you are.

That’s all for the year, enjoy the summer and have fun!

Finishing up the Semester

This past week I was crazy busy preparing for a debate on Thursday with my media ethics group. All of the hard work paid off though because we ended up winning and receiving an A for the project as well as bonus points for destroying the other team. Since then I’ve been focusing on my research paper on peer-to-peer file sharing that is due tomorrow morning. So far I have about eleven pages written, but I still need to write at least six pages for all the content to be covered.

My weekend was filled with work. Friday night I worked at Knights until we closed. Then Saturday morning I woke up, packed a bag and left for the Dells to begin training for the job I’ll have this summer. I was pretty surprised by the people I’ll be working with, but I get along well with the manager and everyone is friendly, so it should be a good time. Training was pretty standard, they covered the basics of making reservations and checking people in. The summer will be pretty repetitive for me, but the pay will be good, and hopefully I can keep an optimistic spirit about things.

Today begins the last week of classes for the semester. Everything is winding down and my professors are preparing us for finals. After tomorrow I’ll begin working on a marketing plan I have to create for my marketing class. I’m creating a plan for Family Travel Files. It’s my family’s company that we’ve been running for about 10 years now. My mom is going to help me with the finite points, and then hopefully I can figure the rest out for myself.

Well, aside from that I’m just really looking forward to having finals over with. Next Wednesday I’ll be flying home to Tampa for a few days. But unfortunately it won’t be much of a break because I’ll be having my wisdom teeth pulled. That’s all for now…have a good week.

Almost Done…

Starting Monday we have two weeks of school to go. As much as I’m looking forward to the summer, I sort of want the year to keep going. I have a group of senior friends who will all be graduating, as well as my boyfriend, so it’ll be weird to have them gone once the year is over.

This week I’ve been meeting with my media ethics group to prepare for a debate we have on Thursday. Our topic covers stereotypes in the media; I’m specializing in the stereotypes of minorities in television and movies. Researching the topic has taken some time, but now I have to prepare myself to memorize the information I’ve found and to be ready to debate the information that the other team has.

My communication technology and social change research paper is due in a week. I’ve yet to start it, but I have prepared all my sources and am hoping it won’t be too difficult. I mentioned previously that my topic is about peer-to-peer file sharing and the technologies that have made it happen. My paper needs to be at least 15 pages and must have 20 sources; it sounds more difficult than it is.

I met with my advisor on Wednesday to discuss the courses I can take for next year. I’ve decided I’ll be taking financial accounting, business and professional speaking, Judaism and Christianity, as well as Spanish 102. I’ve been speaking with the study abroad office about my chances to go to Spain next year and so far everything’s been working out well. I just need to prepare myself in Spanish a lot more before I get over there. Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Have a good weekend!

Time to Slow Down…

I realized the other day that there’s only five weekends left in this semester. It is pretty crazy how quickly the year has passed. My interview in the Dells this past weekend went amazingly well. The representative from the Kalahari can’t tell me if I’m hired until the beginning of May, so I decided to apply at Mount Olympus Hotel Rome for a front desk position as well. An interview was set up for me immediately and within five minutes of speaking with the manager I was offered a position. After being hired I was feeling very lucky, so as I was finding my way back onto the highway, I pulled into a restaurant called Houllihans. I applied for a waitress and bartending position. The manager interviewed me and after the interview me she offered me a job. Basically, within an hour and a half I was hired for two full time positions for the summer.
My excitement has dwindled since the first impact, but I’m still happy that I’ve scored two decent jobs for the summer. Unfortunatley, this means I’ll have hardly any summer to relax, but on the plus side I’ll be able to gain working experience in the travel business as well as save money for my semester abroad next year.
This week classes were relaxed and casual. I had a few exams, but the preparation and anxiety that used to be a reaction to the word test has lessened now that I understand how to study and prepare myself. Tuesday there was no school because of advisement day, and next Wednesday we have advisement again. I’m going to meet with my adviser on Wednesday to plan which courses I’ll take next year and to discuss what I need to do in order to study abroad in Spain. Well, that’s all the time I have for now. Have a great weekend!

Busy Week

This week has been the most hectic one yet, and the weekend will be even crazier. The event my management group and I organized at the Knight Owl is tonight at 9pm, so all week my team and I have been working hard to prepare for everything we are doing. The event is a fundraiser for the Special Olympics. We will be selling hot dogs, bratwurst and nachos to raise money for the charity as well as hosting a pool, bag toss and wii bowling tournament at two dollars per team. Hopefully there is a good turn out because our grade depends on how well we do. Almost every weekend there is an event such as this at the Knight Owl for students who want to interact within the St.Norbert community and help out charities or special events.
As for course work this week, I’ve been researching for a debate in my media ethics class. It’s a hard job to find data on roles for minorities in motion pictures and television shows and to defend whether they are few and stereotypical. I’m having some trouble doing this while working four nights out of the week and with everything else that’s going on.
Tomorrow morning at 10am I have an interview at the Kalahari, a resort in the Wisconsin Dells. I’m interviewing for a front desk/receptionist position which is as close as I can get to an internship. Hopefully it goes well because I’m really trying to get a job up there this summer. I’m looking forward to next Thursday when I can sit down and relax without having to worry about anything due the next day. Until next time….