Our last day on the tour!

Thursday, January 16

The last day in Prague for most of us (Brennan and Fr. Sal left for Philadelphia first thing this morning), and different groups went their separate ways. Brady and Fr. Jay took the WW II tour (said it was terrific). Some made their way to the shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague (in the Carmelite Church Our Lady Victorious); others wandered the city streets. Steve and I went to the Kafka Museum – fabulous! – and the KGB Museum – decidedly quirky. We spent some time in Lesser Town and then walked through the Jewish Quarter. Fr. Jay, Stacey, Steve and I had dinner at the Jewel of India. Wonderful food (waiter helped us choose a variety of dishes), and a welcome change from the Bavarian and Bohemian fare.

Highlights of the day for me? (Bless your heart if you still care!) *the space in the Kafka museum dedicated to his work as a bureaucrat (a narrow, crooked corridor walled with file cabinets), *finding out that Einstein and Kafka both frequented Johanna Fanta’s literary salon, *seeing the cigarette pack that was really a gun in the KGB museum, *seeing the synagogues in the Jewish quarter, *soaking in all the beauty of Prague.

Final bus memories! *Jessie knitting scarves, *Cole in contemplation, *Megan reading and taking in the countryside – wishing she could sit with a cup of coffee and look at the river, *Beth “history is good,” *Nelson hitting his head (again and again), *Brennan jumping from lap to lap, *Alex laughing, *Amy and David, Colton and Quincy, *chocolate being passed around, *people claiming their seats, *Fr. Jay sleeping in the back, *getting turned around en route to Geras taking tiny back roads, *getting off!

Tomorrow we need to be at the bus by 6:15. Lots of us weighing our luggage and just a bit worried… Ready to go home, not ready for all the work that awaits… Great trip, great students, all is good.



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