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We’ll start with the good news first: I just finished the last undergraduate class I’ll ever take. The only thing left to do now is sit for finals and collect my diploma! It’s a pretty surreal experience knowing that you’re a week away from being a college graduate, I’m getting excited.

The only thing that’s pulling my head back down from the clouds is thoughts of the future. I still don’t have a job lined up for after school, but I’ve been working extremely hard to find one. Because I only have one final that I actually have to sit for, I’ve absolutely packed this finals week full of interviews. Starting Monday I have 4 interviews, a final, and take home final all happening before Wednesday is over. Personally, I’m not very exited about the upcoming week, but my parents are thrilled.

I wish I had some better news to share about the future, but I’m still on the job hunt. Hopefully after this week I’ll be able to tell you otherwise, but this is my final post. I hope all of you enjoyed hearing about my final year, I’m sure I’ll run into some of you at SNC events later in life. Best of luck with your college careers!

One Week Left!?

The end is near! There have been constant reminders lately that in just two weeks I’ll be a college graduate. The search for a career is always at the forefront, but other than that classes are winding down, we just had the senior cap and gown cook out, and my favorite indicator: the weather is getting nicer and nicer.

This week in class was all preperation for next week as  I have presentations in all three classes this coming week.  They are all semester long projects and there has been a lot of work put into all of them.  Hopefully the presentations live up to the preparations.

Three things I’m looking forward to:

-My graduation

-My brother’s graduation

-Finally having a college degree

Another Spring Weekend

This week has been an exciting one for me. I had two interviews and not much to do as far as classwork.

Both of the interviews I had were down in Chicago.  I made my way down to the city the day before and spent the night at my aunt’s appartment.  The first interview was at 9 and it went so well that I have been invited back for a second interview next week.  It’s a lot of driving, but hopefully it will all be worth it.  I’ve made the decision that if I do end up in Chicago the first thing that is going to have to change is my car.  I’ll either use strictly public transportation or trade mine in for something with an automatic transition.  The car I drive now is a manual, which is not fun to deal with in rush hour traffic.

The second interview turned out to be more of an informational interview because I dont have the type of experience they are looking for.  It was a good experience none the less and I appreciated the conversation I had with the woman who gave the interview.

Classes for the most part are all focused on the end of the year presentations because there’s not a whole lot more we can cover in the book.  I have a test in marketing research on monday, but that’s the last test I’ll have before presentations start.  After all of the presentations are over, finals week is the only thing standing between me and a diploma!

Moving Forward

This week was relatively easy compared to last week, and I got some good news today.  Both of my tests went fairly well.  I got an AB on one and tied for the second highest score in the class on the other.  Looking forward, there are big presentations in each of my classes at the end of the year so there has been less in class work but more to do outside of class to prepare.

Now, on to my big news.  My job search is finally starting to bear fruit.  I have two preliminary phone interviews early next week that will hopefully lead to actual interviews in the future.  Needless to say, I’m excited and I hope everything goes well.  This is the most luck I’ve had so far and I hope it continues.

Hectic Week

This week was one of my busiest of the semester. I had two big tests on the same day and had to make a trip home to Madison for a night.

The two tests were in Sales Management and Market Research.  The material for the Sales test was pretty straight forward and I think I did relatively well on that test.  The essays were pretty broad and I think I might have left out a few points, but overall the test went well.  The Market Research test, on the other hand, was incredibly difficult.  The entire test was based on statistical analysis and there were only twelve questions that made up 100 points.  Nine of the twelve were true/false and based upon analysis you had to extract from a series of data.  The most difficult part of the test was deciding which analysis to run and correctly interpreting the results.  It was really easy to slip up, and if you got even one of the ten point questions wrong you’re looking at a B instead of an A.

After the tests I had to make a trip down to Madison to get a new box spring for my bed.  I’m not exactly sure how, but I managed to break the one I had.  Becuase it wouldn’t fit in my car, I was forced to strap it to the top to transport it.  To make matters worse, the weather was horrible.  The box spring I returned got rained on while making the trip down, and the new one got snowed on while making the trip up.

Needless to say, I’m very glad the week is over.  I’m looking forward to the weekend and to an easier, more relaxing week to come.

Easter Break

The best part about the end of the school year is all of the shortened weeks. First there was spring break, now we have a four day weekend for easter, and the following two weeks are both only four days long due to advisement days.  This week went by really quickly.  There was nothing major due in any of my classes.  Because of this fact, it was a very deceiving week.  There are major projects due in two of my classes at the end of the year and deadlines are quickly approaching.  The group I’m in for strategic management seminar took advantage of the week and got a huge start on our project.  We met with an area businessman and interviewed him as the project requires.  Now the only things left to do are organize the information and the presentation.

Easter break should be fun.  My mom loves holidays and has traditions that we keep and carry out every year.  Our Easter traditions, like most peoples, include dying eggs, Easter mass, brunch, and ham.

Three things I’m looking forward to:

-Watching the Final Four

-Seeing friends and family

-The food at home

No More Laying Around

This spring break was a productive one. I wound up staying home for the duration of break even though it would have been nice to take a trip. Most of my time was spent applying for jobs and following up possible leads. I still haven’t found anything yet, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay positive in the job search. I’m sure there are plenty of others out there on the job search that share this sentiment.

On a more positive note, I got to visit with a few high school friends that I hadn’t seen in a very long time and my sister was home for the week as well so I got to see her.  As far as classes are concerned, this week of school was relatively easy and the next one shouldn’t be much worse.   Hopefully this trend continues as the weather gets nicer so I can spend more time outside.

Spring Break

Spring break is finally here.  It seems like its just in time too.  Everyone on campus, even the professors seems a little stir crazy and in need of a week off.
This week was a hectic one for me.  I had a presentation in one class and midterms in two others.  The midterm I took yesterday was for my senior business capstone class, Strategic Management.  It was a huge test covering 7 chapters and more than 200 pages of material on top what we talked about in class.  The other midterm I took was for the Marketing Research class I’m taking, and the presentation was for Sales Management.
This up coming week I’ll be back home in Verona, Wisconsin: Hometown USA. I plan to spend most of my time sending out resumes and cover letters in an attempt to find a job.  I’ve also been talking to one of my buddies that I was in Australia with about road tripping down to visit him in South Carolina. Hopefully I can accomplish both.
Three things I’m looking forward to:
-Catching up on sleep
-Food being in the cupboard when I look
-Possibly South Carolina

An Easy Week Leading up to a Hard Week

This week has absolutely flown by.  I have no clue how it is Friday already, especially when Monday was such a long day.  When I was coming home from visiting my sister I had to wake up at 4:30 to get a ride to the airport only to find out that my flight had been canceled.  So instead of getting home on time for class, as I would have, I wound up spending the entire day in airports and getting home right when my last class was ending.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday flew by and today I’m left wondering where the week went and dreading the next.  Next week I have a presentation in one class and midterms in two others.   It’s going to be a busy week to say the least.   On the bright side, I think it will make my Spring Break all the more enjoyable.

Things I’m looking forward to:

-Going to watch SNC Women’s basketball in the NCAA tournament (we’re hosting)

-SNC Hockey in the Peters Cup

-A nice relaxing Sunday before a crazy week

Road Trip! Well, kind of

This weekend I’m getting out of dodge. My lovely sister turns 21 this weekend so I’m flying down to see her and celebrate. She knows that I’m coming and we’ve been talking a lot about it lately, but what she doesn’t know is that our parents and little brother are coming down to surprise her as well. It should be an interesting weekend to say the least.
Classes this week have been pretty routine. There were some early requirements due for my Marketing Research project, but other than that my professors decided to take it easy on us because we had just had tests. In my Sales Management class we had 2 guest speakers this week, both of whom did a fantastic job. The first of the two speakers actually taught my January class so it was just like winter break all over again.
Things I’m looking forward to:
-Celebrating with my sister/family
-Playing more racquetball!
-Meeting all of my sisters friends and roommates